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Mini Review Round Up

Back again with another round up of reviews. I’m impressed… two months solid of reviews on Wednesdays — I guess I can’t say back again, can I? Not when this has finally turned into a regular feature.

Anyhow, the books below found no rhyme or reason, they’re just a mixed bunch of things I read back in June.

Books Reviewed Below:

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Mini Review Round Up: Manga

Okay y’all I’ve been reading a TON of manga recently. They are fun, I can read them quickly, and they feel like a good break from regular novels. My biggest problem is not being able to get my hands on finished series hahaha. 

Books Reviewed Below:

I know, I know this is a lot at once from me, but these are all books and I’m so far behind on reviews… So, these are definitely going to be on the mini side. 

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Review Round Up: Romance w/ Some Darkness

I have really fallen into romance these past years and find it a wonderful way to escape. That being said, I have also found dark romances and find them fascinating. The thing with dark is that it is so subjective and everyone has their own limits. The books below, I think, really are all over the spectrum. 

Had to cut the “mini” part out of the title this go around because some of these… got a little long. I really try to explain some of the content and of course, I love some of these books so much I couldn’t stop typing! 

Books Reviewed Below: 

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Review Round Up: ARCs with some Romance

I’m really trying to get my ARCs/review copies under control, but as accomplished as I feel reading them, it means nothing if I don’t review them! These books are all romances, but different types– but variety is the spice of life, right? 

Books reviewed below:

*I voluntarily read and reviewed ARCs of the following books. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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