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TBR Lows & Highs #80

Friday! Woohoo!


  • Link back to the original post at Howling Libraries
  • Sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, ascending
  • Find 5-10 (or more, if you feel ambitious!) titles to purge from your TBR (the “lows”)
    • ALTERNATIVE OPTION: Find 5+ titles that are at the BOTTOM of your TBR—books you want to read someday, just not right now!
  • Post those 5 books in the list, with a brief explanation
  • Next, sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, descending
  • List the last 5 (or more!) books you added to your TBR, with a synopsis or your brief summary of why you added it (the “highs”)

✘✘✘ The Lows ✘✘✘

Ice Massacre (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai, #1)Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga, #1)The Holver Alley Crew (The Streets of Maradaine, #1)The Name of the Star (Shades of London, #1)Scarlet (Scarlet, #1)

Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner
Females warriors going out to kill mermaids– and there is a romance?? I gotta read this.

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly
So many of my GR friends haven’t had good thoughts about this one, so I’ll pass on it. 

✅ The Holver Alley Crew by Marshall Ryan Maresca
I’m a sucker for heist books! And to add to it, they are amateurs which means there may be some shenanigans. 

✅ The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson
Jack the Ripper… can anyone pass by a book that brings up this infamous killer AND is paranormal?

❌ Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen
This was a hard decision, but with the mixed reviews and my tendency to dislike Robin Hood retellings, I think it is better for all if I stay away from it. 


 The Highs 

Less than 30 adds this week — honestly, not bad? hahaha. I just can’t keep myself from finding adding books~ 💖 Here are my top 10! 

Conspiracy (The Emperor's Edge, #4)The Prince's Game (Mershano Empire, #1)Lick (Stage Dive, #1)Last GirlsMoonstruck Volume 3: Troubled Waters

  • Conspiracy by Lindsay Buroker
    This series! While I wasn’t a huge fan of book 3, I have high hopes for book 4. 
  • The Prince’s Game by Lexi C. Foss
    A contest with a prince as a prize? I’m not too sure what this is about, but I’m definitely interested. 
  • Lick by Kylie Scott
    I’ve been hearing a lot about this series and the author lately. I read one book by her and liked it, so I’ll give this series a try, especially since I want to read more rockstar romances 😉 
  • Last Girls by Demetra Brodsky
    This sounds like a thriller and I usually prefer them in the wilderness, so this fits me well. 
  • Moonstruck, vol. 3 by Grace Ellis
    I did like volume 2 more than 1 and the art style is super cute, so I’m looking forward to this release. 

Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 1How to Be a Normal Person (How to Be, #1)Baba Yaga's AssistantBlurred Lines (Cops and Docs, #1)How to Tame Your Duke (A Princess In Hiding, #1)

  • Nightschool, vol. 1 by Svetlana Chmakova
    Did you know this series is on KU?!
  • How to be a Normal Person by TJ Klune 
    Honestly, how is every book by this author not on my TBR already?
  • Baba Yaga’s Assistant by Marika McCoola
    This graphic novel sounds so cute. 
  • Blurred Lines by KD Williamson
    f/f romance between a doctor and a cop that might be an enemies-to-lovers? Yeah, I wanna read this one. 
  • How to Tame Your Duke by Juliana Gray 
    A princess in disguise, secret liasion, and single father — this book is just begging me to read it. 

Can you believe my total is down by one? Probably helps I removed a few throughout the week — I was bored, I was brutal, I can’t even remember what is gone haha. 

What’s new on your TBR you’re excited to read?

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