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January ’20 Wrap Up

I’m much later than usual in getting to this wrap up, but I’ve finally gotten time to write this up! ūüėĀ

Friends, what a month… Quit a job, started a new one, moved to a different state, and tried to join so many buddy reads haha. It’s been B U S Y!

Last month I read 46 books*!
*counting novellas and graphic novels

A good solid amount considering how busy I was…. seriously, I’m surprised.¬†

Here are the top 10 books I read this month:

Sin & Chocolate (Demigod of San Francisco, #1)The (Alien) Nanny for ChristmasLoser (Hillcrest University #1)Off the Ice  (Hat Trick, #1)We Hunt the Flame (Sands of Arawiya, #1)Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)Love According to ScienceThe Weight of the StarsNerdgasm (Naughty Nerds)

  • Demi-God of San Francisco by K.F. Breene [Re-read]
    I re-read 1-3 and read #4. These were my first books of 2020 and I loved visiting this world again.
  • The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas¬†by Amanda Milo¬†[Re-read]
    Another re-read. I wanted to read something funny to deal with the stress of leaving my job and all that. So funnyР100% recommend. 
  • Hillcrest University by Candace Wondrak¬†[Buddy Read]
    I read 1-5 and wow what a wild ride. I can’t wait to read the last book.¬†
  • Feralsong¬†by TJ Klune
    Not showing the image since it is super long. But wow, way to break my heart… Can’t wait for the last book.¬†
  • Off the Ice¬†by Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn
    This was so good! I don’t know why I love reading hockey romances, but I’m not questioning it when I get to read such great books like this one.¬†
  • We Hunt the Flame¬†by Hafash Faizal¬†
    Such a fun journey. 
  • Dark Lover¬†by J.R. Ward¬†[Re-read/Buddy Read]
    I’ve been hesitant to return to this world, but it is such a great book. Not a favorite, but so easy and fun to get through.¬†
  • Love According to Science¬†by Claire Kingsley¬†
    I re-read the two pre-quels and loved them, but thought I’d show the new book off which features adorable nerds.¬†
  • The Weight of the Sky¬†by K. Ancrum¬†
    It seems to be a trend now that I read a K. Ancrum book in January and wow… the written style just brigns me in.¬†
  • Nerdgasm¬†by Kimberly Reese
    Short, cute, and lovely. I’m looking forward to the next couples’ books ūüôā¬†

Book Haul

We Own Tonight (Second Time Around #1)Before Girl

We Own Tonight I was able to grab for free — the audiobook version even so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, after listening for 45 minutes I was not a fan and DNF’d it.¬†

Before Girl I nabbed for free from Claire Kingsley’s newsletter. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but it looks cute.¬†


Reading Challenges/Goals Highlights

Last year I went over every single challenge, this year I’ll make this section shorter and include the ones I’m more excited about/want to talk about and do quarterly (maybe) updates on everything.¬†

¬ĽGoodreads Challenge 46/325

We are off to a good start!

¬ĽListen to 10 Audiobooks

This is where I’m rocking things. I listened to 2 audiobooks completed and DNF’d 1. This is thanks to the road trip. I also am currently listening to another one, so I’m happy about this.¬†

¬ĽPopSugar & Read Harder Challenges

Popsugar I’ve completed 24 out of 52 challenges — Almost halfway through!! Without even trying so this is great.¬†

Read Harder is a little more difficult and I’m halfway through it (8/16). I’m feeling so good about these.¬†


Look, I’ve been busy and stressed… I’m trying, but ugh. I’m hoping February is better for me here.¬†


Does the road trip count for anything??? We went out and I’m trying to do at least one productive thing a day even if it is just making dinner, cleaning dishes, etc. In February I’ll start keeping track of this.¬†
Exercise etc, I’ve just been so tired… again, once I’m hoping that once I’m completely moved in I’ll get into this.¬†

Final Thoughts

So much happened in January. I’m glad with the progress I’ve made and hope this keeps up for next month!

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