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2019 Wrap Up

Here it is, folks, the 2019 year wrap-up. Are you excited?? I’m excited! This is the first year I’ve used a Reading Log, which means I have more stats and fun things to share! My Top [10?15?] books of the year will come in a different post since this one got a bit long. 

2019 in review

Yes, over 600 books in one year… I totally failed my “Read Less” goal hahaha. BUT, my average length is about 40 page less than last year. I read a TON of novellas and graphic novels in 2019. 

I should mention though, that that page amount isn’t counting DNFs. I messed up on my Reading Log for giving accurate amounts though. Now that I have a consistent system, my 2020 log will be better! 

Quick Facts

Books Read: 621
Books DNF: 68 😲yikes…. 

Re-reads: 40
2019 Publication: 265
Backlist: 423


Print 69 10.03%
Digital 612 88.95%
Audio 7 1.02%
*This number is including DNFs

I’m actually surprised by the number of audiobooks! I didn’t realize I listened to that many. I thought it would be more like 2 hahahaha. 


Purchased 36 5.23%
Library 225 32.70%
Kindle Unlimited 330 47.97%
Borrowed 9 1.31%
ARC 88 12.79%
Gift 0 0.00%

This was my first full year of having KU and well… W O W. I did NOT see this coming. Also 36 Purchased?!? Ummmmm look at me go!! I’m not too happy about only 88 ARCs, but I’ll take it. 

Ratings Breakdown

2019 ratings breakdown

I am glad to see that I rated most of my books over 3 stars– with most being 4 stars! 

2019 books per month

My average books per month: 54 (although if we ignore October @ 24 books, this number jumps to 58).

2019 Challenges/Goals

✅Goodreads Reading Challenge 

Once again, I completed this is May. The goal? 250 books hahaha, I should have known better. 

❌Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

I completed 40/52 of these prompts which is honestly really good considering I stopped trying to pick books based on the prompts. 

❌Read More Children’s/Middle Grade books

2019 genres and audience

Well, considering my usual for this is zero, I did read more, but I was hoping to get 20% of my books to be Middle Grade, which isn’t what happened. 

Then again, this isn’t counting all of he picture books I read at work– I didn’t add them to my Amount Read either since it felt like cheating. Children’s Librarians read so. Many. Picture Books. 

The bad thing here is that my Young Adult percentage was also down!! Crazy…. 

Also, throwing my my Genres read chart to because…. why not? Lol, over half is Romance and PNR…. 

✅Read More Diverse Books

I didn’t give myself a number here, buuuuttt I know I read more than last year, so I’m counting it as a win. 

POC Authors 85 Disability/Mental Health 37
LGBTQA+ Characters 101
#OwnVoices 59

My 2020 Reading log will also be recording POC MCs, Queer authors, and so much more. 

❌Series TBR Takedown

Hahahahaha okay, I gave up on this before May. I couldn’t find it in me to read the series I picked and the ones I did try to read I ended up DNFing. 

✅Take Time to NOT Read

Look, I didn’t do great here, but I did a lot of non-reading activities this year! While I may not have finished any of the shows I started (yikes…) I did watch some shows AND I did some crocheting. I even played some videogames… I’m taking this as a small win. 

All in all, I think I had a pretty good year! I adore having a Reading Log and look forward to using my 2020 log. My 2020 log is a mix of Book Riot’s Reading Log & Reader Voracious‘ log — CHECK OUT MINE HERE —  

How did your year go? 

5 thoughts on “2019 Wrap Up

  1. Holy crap at all the stories you read last year, that is AMAZING! You read well over 100k more pages than me, and I must bow down to you now hahaha.

    Thanks so much for linking to my spreadsheet & for using it. Happy 2020!


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