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My 10 Most Read Authors of 2019

Now that Christmas has passed, it is time for my new year posts! This series will last about 2 weeks and will encompass stats/info from 2019 and also my future plans for 2020). 

Today I’ll be sharing the authors I read the most of in 2019. 

2019 is the first year I used a reading log and it has been a great help and eye-opener for my reading. I plan on using one in 2020 because of how much I like looking at the number. Counting the amount of authors and the frequency of me reading them wasn’t even something I set out to do at the beginning of the year, but here we are!

To start: I read books by 339 authors.

This number could be a little lower depending on if I inputted any authors’ names differently. Still, that is a pretty significant number! And still, there are some authors I read more of than others… 

1. Ilona Andrews – Read 18 times

Ilona Andrews 

Truly, I’m not surprised by this. I know I re-read many of their books this year– I cannot help myself! 

I am surprised by the amount though. I had to go back through and look at all the titles. I re-read more of Kate Daniels than I remember. I am proud that I only read through Hidden Legacy once this year– I assumed I would have read through it 2 or 3 times haha. 

Their books I’m looking forward to in 2020: 

Sweep with Me (Innkeeper Chronicles, #5)
Sweep With Me 
Emerald Blaze (Hidden Legacy, #5)
Emerald Blaze








2. Ruby Dixon – Read 13 times

Ruby Dixon 2019 is the year I finally gave Ruby Dixon a try. After reading a few alien romances at the end of 2018 (Shout out to The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas for really starting me on this genre…) I decided to try out Ruby Dixon who it seemed everyone okay with alien romances liked.
While I’m not a huge fan of the Ice Planet Barbarian series [I’ve only read 4…so far] I really do like her Fireblood Dragon series. I also read her short bear shifter books which I liked as well.

I might not consider her a favorite author of mine, I do know when I’m looking for a laugh, for something I won’t want to put down, and not terribly long, Ruby Dixon is my go to. 

3. Kristy Cunning – Read 12 Times

Kristy Cunning 
Had I actually finished my re-read of The Dark Side this author would have surpassed Ruby Dixon. 

I found Kristy Cunning last year when I was first getting into RH. Turns out, she is new to the genre too, but with the two series she has out, she is definitely my favorite. Her books are darker, they are hilarious, and while the plots can seem confusing at times, I can’t help but be hooked. I’ve read parts for her two series twice now and am really looking forward to whatever she thinks up next. 

4-6. L.J. Shen, Talia Hibbert, & Kristen Banet – Read 11 Times

L.J. ShenTalia HibbertKristen Banet

I totally thought I had started reading L.J. Shen in 2018, buuuuut no. Apparently I read Vicious in Feb. 2019 which means writing up my Top Ten Books of the Year post just got that much more difficult. L.J. Shen tends to be hit or miss with me, but when it is a hit I get the urge to cling to my tablet and never let go… 

Talia Hibbert I did start reading in 2018, but that was just Merry Inkmas which left tons of goodies for 2019 including Work For it and Get a Life, Chloe Brown… more books that might make my top ten list… 

Kristen Banet is an author I still haven’t decided if I love or not yet. The Redemption Saga was great and I’m clamoring for the next book in the Age of Andinna series, but some of the other series I’ve read have been… okay? Yet, at this point, I’ll give anything she puts out next a try, so I’m not sure where that leaves me hahaha. 

Their books I’m looking forward to in 2020: 

Angry God (All Saints High, #3)
Angry God by L.J. Shen
Take a Hint, Dani Brown (The Brown Sisters, #2)
Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert
The Gladiator's Downfall (Age of the Andinna, #1)
The Rebel’s Vision by Kristen Banet






7 & 8. Stacey Brutger & Annette Marie – Read 10 Times

Stacey BrutgerAnnette Marie

Stacey Brutger writes books that I should love. They have everything I want in them, but After reading 10 books I’ve realized they just aren’t for me. The synopses will call to me, but I’ve learned that I need to leave them be before they let me down. 

Annette Marie I found through an RH group on Goodreads, although her books are definitely not RH. I devoured the Steel & Stone series in a daze and the Red Winter series was an absolute delight. I’m so, so glad I found her and I plan on reading more by her very soon. 

9 & 10. Hailey Edwards & G.A. Aiken – Read 9 Times

Hailey Edwards

Hailey Edwards is an author I was hesitant to start and I will admit, I’m not a fan of her Black Dog series. I tried The Foundling and loved it– I’m slowly buying them so I can binge read them, and I just finished all the books in The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy. This is one of those times where giving an author a second chance worked out really well for me. The Blacksmith Queen (The Scarred Earth Saga, #1)

G.A. Aiken was mostly re-reads and a few novellas. I do plan on reading more of the Dragon Kin series, I just needed a break. Her books are ridiculous and fun, but after reading 5+ of these in a row, I definitely needed a change.

I should mention that this is where I need to note that my author counts isn’t 100% accurate — I did read one other book by Shelly Laurenston, another pen name for G.A. Aiken, sooooo technically I guess she should be up with #7 & #8, buuuuttt I don’t know every authors’ additional pen names and I might have spelt some names wrong on my spreadsheet, so for my ease of mind I’m leaving her here. 

Next books I plan on reading by these authors: 

Bone Driven (Foundling, #2)
Bone Driven by Hailey Edwards
Badger to the Bone (The Honey Badger Chronicles, #3)
Badger to the Bone by Shelly Laurenston










Somehow, I lucked out at this count not going over 10! I’m glad this worked and hopefully I’ll find a better way to track authors next year 🙂 

Who are your most read authors? 

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