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My Top 5 Christmas Movies

Hello and greetings! 

I’ve decided that this holiday season I’m going to have more holiday-centric posts. Yes, we can say I’m joining the 12 days of Blogmas. My blog can seem a little monotonous at times, so I thought this would be a fun way to spice things up!

Today I’ll be sharing my top 5 Christmas movies. 
I don’t actually watch much TV or Movies anymore since I’m literally reading whenever I can, but these ones have a special spot in my heart and I at least think about watching them every year. 

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Home Alone

This movie is my all-fave Christmas movie. NUMBER 1 on this list!! Everything else is unnumbered except this one haha.
I probably watch Home Alone just about every year. This is one I sit down and watch with my mom. How can I not?? It is hilarious! 
Also, fun fact: I heard this movie plays every year on Christmas in South Korea. 

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The Year Without a Santa Claus

I don’t watch this one often BUT, every year without fail the Snow and Heat Miser songs get stuck in my head, making me at least think about this movie Every. Year. Sometimes even in summer!

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How The Grinch Stole Christmas

While the original is my favorite since it is the one I grew up with, I’ll watch and enjoy pretty much any version of this movie. Not sure why I like it so much… but it really seems to resonate with me. 


This movie is just so cute!! I am a bit tired of it though, so I need to take a year off from watching it… I might have watched in earlier this year anyhow… 

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Die Hard

Truthfully, I ran out of Christmas movies I like hahaha. I’ve only seen Die Hard once– last Christmas– but I think it is one of my fiance’s faves so I’m adding it to the list. Plus, I like action movies, so it isn’t a stretch to put it on the list ^_^

Honorable Mentions

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
    I love the music and most of the movie, but I’ve only seen it twice and I’m not completely sold on it. 
  • The Holiday
    Another one of the fiance’s fave holiday movies. I’m on the fence with liking it. 
  • Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
    One of my mom’s favorites. I’ll watch this one with her, but I’m not a huge fan.

Unpopular Opinion Time!

I really dislike The Christmas Story. I know, I know: it is a classic! But UGH. As a kid it bored me out of my mind and as an adult it makes me roll my eyes. 

What are some Christmas movies you enjoy? Do you think any are overhyped?? 

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