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TBR Highs and Lows #16

OTL… Friends, when you read this post, please don’t judge me too harshly. 


  • Link back to the original post at Howling Libraries
  • Sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, ascending
  • Find 5-10 (or more, if you feel ambitious!) titles to purge from your TBR (the “lows”)
    • ALTERNATIVE OPTION: Find 5+ titles that are at the BOTTOM of your TBR—books you want to read someday, just not right now!
  • Post those 5 books in the list, with a brief explanation
  • Next, sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, descending
  • List the last 5 (or more!) books you added to your TBR, with a synopsis or your brief summary of why you added it (the “highs”)

✘✘✘ The Lows ✘✘✘

*I’m still showing just books I’m removing, but once I get to books that I added this year or hmmm 6 months back, then I’ll return to the books at the bottom that need to be read ASAP.  All books I add back onto my TBR thanks to everyone’s recommendations I will put on my ‘read within one year’ shelf. *

Empress of a Thousand Skies (Empress of a Thousand Skies #1)Little MonstersRed Glove (Curse Workers, #2)Sin of Mages (Rift of Chaos, #1)A Date with Darcy (Bookish Boyfriends, #1)

  • Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza
    Many of my GR friends weren’t impressed with this and I gotta admit, I’m a bit tired of royalty and rebellion series right now. 
  • Little Monsters by Kara Thomas
    I’m not totally sold on this one anymore… I did hear it is an awesome audiobook though. This is one I might put back on eventually when I start listening to audiobooks again… we will see. 
  • Red Glove by Holly Black
    *gasp* something by Holly Black on this list?! Yes, I know. This is the second book in a series and while I did like the first book, I wasn’t totally impressed. Every time I think about reading this it feels more like an obligation. So, time to let it go. 
  • Sin of Mages by A.J. Martinez 
    I think I picked this one up because of the cover. The synopsis though, is so confusing and feels more like a summary?? 
  • A Date With Darcy by Tiffany Schmidt
    While the concept sounds hecka cute, I’m worried I’ll get annoyed. I actually haven’t read many classics either, but most of the heroes seem… well, not great to me. So, I’ll leave with one off unless someone tells me to re-add it. 

♛ The Highs ♛

Honestly, I did really good this week! Only 10 new adds!! 

Untitled (The Iron Covenant, #2)Lera of Lunos (Power of Five, #4)Sugar Rush (Offensive Line, #2)iZombie, Vol. 1: Dead to the WorldSuccubus Bargain (The (un)Lucky Succubus, #1)

  • The Iron Convent #2 by Ilona Andrews
    YESSSSS! It will be published sometime in 2019 and I am ecstatic. 
  • Lera of Lunos by Alex Lidell
    …okay, so last week I added #1 to this list… and this is #4… so technically I added 2 and 3 too, but I already read them muahaha! This one comes out in January and is the only reason I haven’t finished this series on my binge ^_^
  • Sugar Rush by Tracey Ward
    This one was recommended to me that I read this month… honestly, I have so many more that I was rec’ed to read this month that I haven’t added yet… next week’s list might be much longer :/ 
  • iZombie, Vol. 1 by Chris Roberson
    I like the show so I want to read the comic too!
  • Succubus Bargain by L.L. Frost
    This one sounds cute and I got it through KU. I’m still on the fence though since I’ve been reading some not great reviews. 

Newborn On Her Doorstep: Harlequin MangaYou'd Be MineThe Beautiful (The Beautiful, #1)Fake FiancéeThe Gladiator's Downfall (Age of the Andinna Book 1)

  • Newborn on her Doorstep by Elle Darkins
    A Netgalley approval! I’m a sucker for manga. 
  • You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn
    A suuuuuper late Wish Granted! I’m not even sure how much I want to read this anymore :/ 
  • The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh
    YES! Vampires ARE BACK! lol although I’ve become more of a fan of werewolves, I am such a sucker for vampire books. 
  • Fake Fiancee by Ilsa Madden-Mills
    Fake engagement that is a [potentially] slow burn romance??? I’m in! 
  • The Gladiator’s Downfall by Kristen Banet
    I’ve heard some good buzz about this one. Sounds interesting, so I’ll probably join in a buddy read for this that one of my groups is doing. 

TBR Total: 676 — 2 down from last week 😀 

Also, my Lows are finally coming from books I’ve added this year D: *gasp* half of my TBR has been added this year?! I was thinking about changing the format up, but I’d like to clean up my whole TBR to be on the safe side and THEN I’ll start from the bottom again and start picking books that I should read ASAP instead. 

What do you think of my choices? Should I add something back onto my TBR? Anything I should remove?

13 thoughts on “TBR Highs and Lows #16

  1. I HATE when you get a wish granted super late and you’ve changed your mind about the book by then! It makes me so cranky lol, because it’s like, oh, so THIS wish gets granted, but the million other wishes for books I DO still want are just gonna sit there and rot…

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