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T5W: Bad Tropes Done Well

Theme: Books You Liked with Tropes You Usually Hate
–Pick some of your most hated tropes and discuss books (or other media) that actually handled that trope well

1. The “Chosen One” 

Why not just flip this trope on it’s head? 

Kill The Farm Boy (The Tales of Pell #1)

Kill The Farm Boy by Delilah D. Dawson and Kevin Hearne is an absolute joy to read. Sometimes they let the puns and joke run too long, but let me tell you: you have never, never read a chosen one fantasy novel like this one before. 

2. The Bigger You Are, The Dumber You Are

I really dislike how this seems to hold true in most books– except romances. If it is a romance then the taller you are the better lover or better leader you are. Seriously, not all guys are 6’3+ … but I digress. 

Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe

Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe by Preston Norton features a teen who is 6’6″ and 250 lbs. He’s a big dude, but he isn’t aggressively stupid, nor does he like fighting, he’s just shy and misunderstood. I’m probably not answering the prompt correctly with this answer, but I think all the emotions and trials that Cliff goes through are important and not something we generally see in huge characters. 

3. Amazingly Talented, but Naive Female Character

How do they have so much talent, yet know nothing of the world?!

Written in Red (The Others, #1)

Well, if they are enslaved and know practically knowing of the outside world before they escape, like in Written in Red by Anne Bishop, then I totally understand. This series will probably end up being one of my top series of the year. If there is a reason for someone to not understand how the world works, then I’m okay with this trope, especially if they are trying to learn and adapt with little help. 

4. Let Me Just Change My Life Goals For Love

This seriously boils my blood. Usually this happens as someone is getting closer to their goal in life or has decided not to get into a relationship in order to reach their goal, but then “The One” enters the picture and they decide to follow them instead. 

Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers, #1)

Did I look for a reason to add Penny Reid to this list? No, but I am glad I could mention Truth or Beard. Look, I’m not going to spoil things for you, but I was getting mad thinking things were going to go one way only to be shocked. This book does it right. 
Seriously, don’t give up on your life dreams for anyone.

5. Damaged Strong Person + Damaged Rich Person

= Love

This isn’t one I hate… I just get tired of how money is supposed to solve all problems and what it seems people fall in love with is money and sex, not the normal things: i.e. personality, common interests, etc.

Naked in Death (In Death #1)

Naked In Death by J.D. Robb and the whole In Death series is one I don’t talk about enough, so let me rectify that ^_^. Eve and Roarke have horrible pasts they are incredibly damaged. Eve is a cop, Roarke is a believed to be criminal made businessman who is practically the richest person in the galaxy. Eve wasn’t won over by his money, in fact it makes her uncomfortable, so Roarke had to woo her in other ways and just *sigh* every book is a treat. I love this couple and the other couples in the series ❤ 

I picked some very weirdly specific tropes…. 

What do you think about the ones I brought up and my book choices? What books had tropes you’re tired of, but you still ended up enjoying? 

9 thoughts on “T5W: Bad Tropes Done Well

  1. “Seriously, not all guys are 6’3+ … but I digress.” This made me laugh…it does seem to be very true. As a short person myself, I appreciate this very much and am now rethinking how I portray height in my books! And your #5 is probably my biggest pet peeve, esp since damaged strong person is usually a woman…

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    1. I read a book where the guy was pushing 7feet tall and I almost rolled my eyes out of my head. Sure, there are guys that tall but then nothing was awkward for him and kissing the woman was a normal feat and not an Olympic task considering they were 5 foot something.

      Yes! Always the woman damaged and usually a sexual abuse or they are both damaged and fit together because of it.

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