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TTT: Surprising Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Theme: Books That Surprised Me (in a good or bad way)

We’ve all been surprised by a book –and if you haven’t, you should go randomly pick a book off a library shelf and…be surprised 😉 
Anyhow, sometimes the surprises are good, sometimes we wish we hadn’t picked the book up in the first place. I’ve got examples of both types down below. 
This time around, I won’t be including any of my favorite books–spreading the love!

Surprises that put a smile on my face 🙂 

Chaotic GoodThe Prince and the DressmakerBlood and SandClean (Mindspace Investigations, #1)The Darkling Bride

  • Chaotic Good caught me when I was heading into a book slump and I fell in love with it. Is it perfect? No, but it shines a light on fans that I think is important and I loved the dialogue and how things turned out. 
  • The Prince and the Dressmaker also took me by surprise. I figured I would like it, but I didn’t realize to the extent–when 5 pages in I was going “OMGOSH I LOVE HER!” Completely taken by surprised by how amazing this book ended up being. 
  • Blood And Sand completely took me be surprise. While I did request it from Netgalley, by the time I started reading it I was hesitant and worried, but once I started I was swept away. I don’t think I put this book down. 
  • Look an adult title! ^_^ Clean was recommended to me and I started out not being in love with it. But, by the end of the book I ended up really liked it! And then I felt such a need to read the sequel — I could not stop thinking about this gritty book. 
  • The Darkling Bride is another Netgalley approval that took me by surprise. I think I’ve made myself wary of books I request… I’m not the best. Anyhow, I was worried it would be stuffy, but I ended up being interesting right off the bat and gripped by chapter 2. 

That bad type of surprise 😦 

That Inevitable Victorian ThingDaughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)Chinese HandcuffsThe Scarecrow PrincessDead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11)

  • I was so excited to read That Inevitable Victorian Thing, it was even recommended to me, but I ended up feeling more awkward and bored with this one :/
  • Okay, breathe with me here, I’m not about to drag Daughter of Smoke & Bone, I swear. It is a good book… but I just didn’t think the series lived up to the hype. Please don’t kill me! I did finish it!! I loved the plot, the characters, but I was also a bit… indifferent to some of it. I’ll blame the writing just not being my favorite type. 
  • Chris Crutcher is a huge name and my teacher was gushing about him when she told us we had to read some of his books. So, I picked up Chinese Handcuffs ready to read about sports and tough issues and…disliked it almost from the first sentence. It totally didn’t appeal to me. I had to struggle through it though for class… 
  • The Scarecrow Princess sounded so interesting. I really wanted to know how it would turn out. Now? I actually forgot I had read this book until I was looking at my GR Read shelf. Such a shame… 
  • I absolutely loved The Sookie Stackhouse series when I was first reading it. I own the first 8 books, which is where I originally stopped reading it. After my re-read and finally finishing the series last year, I’m ready to donate those books. The ending and last few books totally ruined the series for me. What a shock to go from such adoration of a series to wanting to roll my eyes when I talk about it…


What books surprised you?


4 thoughts on “TTT: Surprising Books

  1. I loved the Sookie Stackhouse books too…And agree the earlier books were super addictive. I’d finish one and buy the next one on my Kindle because I couldn’t even wait to go to the bookstore and get a hard copy. I recall not loving the end either. But I couldn’t tell if it was the books or me because at the time I was also watching the True Blood HBO show and the two got all wrapped up together. (I also was not a fan of the last few seasons of the show. And by not a fan, I mean I watched them religiously and then later realized it was really just me forcing myself to love something because I was so invested!) Interesting books that surprised you though. Thanks for sharing. There’s some I may add to my TBR!


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