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Book Review: The Nerdy and the Dirty

The Nerdy and the Dirty by B.T. Gottfred

The Nerdy and the Dirty by B.T. Gottfred

Genres/Themes: Young Adult, Contemporary, Sex, Abuse, Bullying


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I started this book, but wow. This was very engrossing.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Pen Lupo is sick and tired of hiding who she is. On the outside, Pen is popular, quiet, and deferential to her boyfriend. On the inside, however, Pen is honest, opinionated—and not quite sure that she’s like other girls. Do they have urges like she does?

His classmates may consider him a nerd, but Benedict Pendleton knows he’s destined for great things. All he has to do is find a worthy girlfriend, and his social station will be secured. Sure, Benedict is different–but that’s what he likes about himself.

When fate intervenes, both Pen and Benedict end up at the same vacation resort for winter break. Despite their differences, the two are drawn together. But is there such a thing as happily ever after for a nympho and a nerd?

First off, the amount of sex talk in this book needs to be mentioned. This is for older high school students, or at least those who are more mature. There is real life content in here, not just the sex and masturbation, but mental problems, family problems, abuse, bullying, death, and so much more that make this an uncomfortable book to read, yet so important.
There are many good lines and thoughts to gain from this book. Be yourself; ask for help; no one can take your right to be real away from you; etc. etc.
What a profound yet <i> dirty</i> book haha.

I loved the main characters and their development. Really, even side characters seemed to unfold themselves and become more than just a name on the page. While I started not liking the main characters, really, they do grow on you and make you feel attached!
I enjoyed how their names at the start of the chapters changed–that was I mean it is progression and development and so beautiful.

Of course, I do think the romance happened oh so fast, but it is acknowledged by them too I think. Plus, it is one of those books with other things going on, so I feel like in this case a quick romance just works.

The ending was strong and I enjoyed it. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I do want to mention that the acknowledgements page is worth reading. I usually read those pages because you never know what you’ll find and this one is a precious little gem.

I recommend this to all people who of age or maturity level to be reading about these issues. Honestly, I think this is a good one for just about everyone who enjoys a little romance.


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