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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What are you Reading? is a post to share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. It is hosted by Kathryn at Bookdate.

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Why, hello there. ^_^

I’ve been absent for a few weeks :/ I needed a break from reading one night and decided to start watching a k-drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

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Next thing I know (16 or so episodes later) I’ve finished it, but craved more…. and so it went that I ignored my books and continued to keep watching dramas (None as good, but Pinocchio was still pretty awesome). I’m currently watching Uncontrollably Fond (2 episodes left) & Bride of the Water God BUT I received notifications that books were going to be due back to the library in three days!!

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Even on top of procrastinated homework, interning, and trying to watch my dramas, I was able to read three books last week and bought myself some time before the next books are due.

SO, what did I read last week?

Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer, #1)Borrowed Souls (Soul Charmer #1)Dreadnought (Nemesis, #1)

A fantastic line up 🙂 I got lucky!

This Week

So, what will I be up to this week? Well, I will be finishing Uncontrollably Fond…. hopefully today and try not to cry my eyes out.

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And, I’ll try to keep up with Bride of the Water God which is ongoing…. I’m on the wall with it…. but it has only been two episodes…

The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)


Right, yes, I do plan on reading, I swear!

Cover image for White HotMastiff (Beka Cooper, #3)Dream EaterThe Waking LandSoulless (Parasol Protectorate, #1)Changeless (Parasol Protectorate, #2)

An ambitious list, but I haven’t read anything from Netgalley in…. two? three? weeks, so that needs to change. Netgalley books on the above list: Dream Eater by K Bird Lincoln and The Waking Land by Callie Bates.
I have so many library books due back soon!!! The WHOLE Parasol Protectorate series is due by the end of the week. Hopefully I can at least get through the first two… White Hot is not due soon, but because the waitlist is 40 people deep I feel bad keeping it very long.
I put Mastiff on the list because I am trying to finish that series and it is the last book… I must FINISH SERIES!! Can’t keep having them ongoing haha.

I doubt I’ll read all of this, but I can hope, right?!


Do you watch Korean Dramas? Which do you recommend to everyone? ^_^

What books are you planning on reading this week?


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. Ooooo! I need to read Burn for Me. Only reason I haven’t yet is because I feel like it’s going to be so good that Ii’ll want to read the trilogy all the way through so I’m waiting for Wildfire to come out. Definitely will be interested in your Souless review. I’ve been thinking about reading that series for a while and haven’t gotten around to it yet. I saw a FB ad for The Walking Land so will look forward to that review too. You have some really good choices!


    1. I’m hoping it will be a good reading week ^_^
      Oh yeah, I read Burn For Me and went into the biggest reading slump!! I NEEDED White Hot, but couldn’t justify buying it at the moment, so I just stared at my ceiling and aimlessly wandered around for hours until I could move on hahaha. …..reconsidering reading White Hot first this week since it might set me back hahaha

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  2. I haven’t been reading as much as I should cause of kdramas haha. I finished my Taiwanese drama Bromance and started (and am almost done with) Reply 1997. I’m going to also buddy watch Descendants of the Sun with a friend. I’m waiting until there are more episodes (or just til it’s all uploaded) of Bride of the Water God until I watch it haha cause I tend to binge dramas. I’m also reading Strange the Dreamer at the moment haha.


  3. I have The Waking Land from NetGalley but am yet to read Sleeping Giants. Hopefully will get round to reading them soon. I’m currently reading Darien by C.F.Iggulden, also from NetGalley. Trying to get my ratio up as I requested a load of books and was approved most of them which lowered it quite a bit -.-

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