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Book Review: Frost

Frost by Kaitlyn Davis

Frost (Midnight Ice #1) by Kaitlyn Davis

Genres/Themes: NA, Vampires, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery


*I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

This book and I didn’t start out well, but I think we ended on decent terms.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Life’s tough for a vampire thief on the run—just ask Pandora Scott, she knows. Four years ago she ran away from home after everyone she loved betrayed her. But now her annoyingly grown up (and handsome) ex boyfriend is stalking her, begging her to return. A mysterious vamp with a particularly dangerous (and sexy) stare keeps popping unexpectedly into her life. The extremely powerful head vampire of New York is hunting her down because she may or may not have broken into his highly-secure, highly-secretive personal vault. And the fate she’s been trying to outrun? Well, it’s about to catch up. Because even a super-speedy vamp with the ability to disappear can’t escape her own destiny.

A brand new spinoff to the Midnight Fire series! Fans will enjoy special appearances from Kira, Luke and Tristan while falling in love with the new characters and new adventure of Midnight Ice.

Let me say, that I have not read the Midnight Fire series, so I was coming into this as a new reader. Knowing who some of the crossover characters were though, if you have read the previous series, I think you’ll get a kick out of this one.

Frost and I were kinda doing okay– I enjoyed the new aspects such as titans, and vampires being killed either by a conduit or decapitation by another vampire’s sharp parts. Then we find out Pandora is still moping about over “her best friend. Her only love” who betrayed her…. 4 years ago. I swear, I was almost lost. I seriously sat back in my chair, played mobile games for a few minutes, before I even considered coming back. I’m really starting to dislike this trope.

The rest of it was interesting enough to keep me going–sometimes wordy in Pandora’s head which wasn’t really needed. I liked Jax and some of the supporting characters, although I was never truly convinced that Pandora was a good thief, but she was okay too.
The thing is, I never thought there was a climax to the story– no turning point, unless we are counting the very end of the book which turns into a cliff hanger. I will accept that… although I feel as confused from the beginning of the book as I am the end. And considering we all know how YA novels go, I just don’t know how Jax and Pandora will end up together.

Will I read the sequel… *sigh* probably not. But I may read spoiler filled reviews because I do want to know what happens, I just don’t want to read anymore of the series.


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