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Rapid Fire Book Tag

I have seen this tag floating around soooooo I decided to try it out ^_^. It was created by GirlReading on Youtube so be sure to check them out.
Your goal with this tag is to keep the answers short and simple.

The Questions

Question 1 : E-Book or Physical Book?

E-book (unless I’m buying it!)

Question 2 : Paperback or Hardback?

Paperback (It is lighter!)

Question 3 : Online or In-Store Book Shopping?


Question 4 : Trilogies or Series?


Question 5 : Heroes or Villains?


Question 6 : A book you want everyone to read?

Sometimes We Tell the Truth by Kim Zarins
Sometimes We Tell the Truth

Question 7 : Recommend an underrated book?

Same as above Princess of Tyrone by Katie Hamstead
Princess of Tyrone (Fairytale Galaxy Chronicles #1)

Question 8 : The last book you finished?

Midnight Awakening by Lara Adrian

Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed, #3)

Question 9 :The Last Book(s) You Bought?

Besides a textbook….
River Marked (Mercy Thompson, #6)Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson, #5)

Question 10 : Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark?

Receipts, wrappers, phone, pencil, etc.

Question 11 : Used Books: Yes or No?


Question 12 : Top Three Favourite Genres?

Fantasy, Sci Fi, & Young Adult

Question 13 : Borrow or Buy?


Question 14 : Characters or Plot?


Question 15 : Long or Short Books?

Long Books

Question 16 : Long or Short Chapters?

Short Chapters

Question 17 : Name The First Three Books You Think Of…

Royal Bastards, Fire Touched, Strange the Dreamer

Question 18 : Books That Makes You Laugh or Cry?

Cry from Laughing so hard.

Question 19 : Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Fictional Worlds

Question 20 : Audiobooks: Yes or No?


Question 21 : Do You Ever Judge a Book by its Cover?


Question 22 : Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptations?

Book to TV Adaptations

Question 23 : A Movie or TV-Show You Preferred to its Book?

Gone Girl

Question 24 : Series or Standalone’s?


Alright, I want to tag Destiny @ Howling Libraries, SusanLovesBooks, & Christen @ Read by Chris.

Feel free to do the tag and feel free not to, but if you do it, I’ll love to see your answers 🙂


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