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Book Review: Wondering Sight

Wondering Sight (The Extraordinaries #2)

Wondering Sight (The Extraordinaries #2) by Melissa McShane

Genres/Themes: Historical, Fantasy, Slight Romance


*I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis from Goodreads: 

Sophia Westlake is an Extraordinary Seer, gifted with the ability to see past, present and future in Dreams and Visions. Her talent led to the destruction of the Caribbean pirates plaguing England’s shipping and gained her renown and the accolades of her peers. But when she accuses a prominent politician, Lord Endicott, of embezzling from the Army, her Dream is “proved” false and she is disgraced, her reputation ruined and her career in the Army’s War Office over. Humiliated, Sophia returns to London, but Lord Endicott follows her, intent on making her life increasingly miserable. Furious and desperate, Sophia takes the only course left to her: she sets out to discover Lord Endicott’s criminal enterprises, to expose him as the fraud he is and bring him to justice.

Sophia’s allies are few, but loyal. Cecy, her best friend, supports Sophia in her quest, while her cousin Lady Daphne, an irrepressible Extraordinary Bounder, is always ready for a challenge that will strike at Lord Endicott’s heart. And always watching her is the mysterious Mr. Rutledge, who claims to be interested in Sophia’s friendship—and possibly more than that—but who has an agenda of his own.

But as Sophia delves deeper into prophetic Dreams, Cecy and Daphne begin to fear for Sophia’s health and sanity. Driven to collapse by her frequent Dreaming, Sophia is forced to reevaluate her motives: does she want Lord Endicott brought to justice, or is it revenge she seeks? As Sophia draws closer to the secret of Lord Endicott’s criminal enterprise, a counterfeiting ring, his torment of Sophia increases, until the two are bound together by their respective obsessions. Though Sophia insists she is in control, her friends fear she is turning into the man she most hates.

A few things to confess: I have forgotten some things from the first book, which made me a bit confused in this book, but even without that knowledge I was still able to enjoy the book. Also, I can’t believe it took me so long to read this book because it was awesome. When the third one…if a third one comes out I will definitely need to re-read the series, but that might not be a bad thing.

Okay, so what to say about this book. As, I briefly mentioned above, I did not remember some things, which I thought would have been nice to include in the book, such as different talents or powers people can have and (most importantly) what they do. Cecy is a Speaker… I still have no idea the extent of her power or what she can do… A review of how Extraordinaries are treated, how rare they are, etc. would have been nice to include as well.
I was confused on how Dreams and Visions worked… especially when one thing didn’t work but another did, even though I thought they were the same thing… it is a bit confusing and if I really tried to understand the mechanics of it, maybe I would have understood? I decided just to roll with it though.

I thought the little romance was… well, little. I am still on the fence on if I liked it or not really. Not much attention was brought to it, but it also definitely was not insta-love which is always a definite PLUS.

I was really hooked by this story. I loved the writing and how the plot unfolded. This is not a whodunnit mystery but, more of a revenge book and trying to find the evidence to put the bad guy away mystery. I thought it was done well– OH! the banter between Sophia and Lord Endicott was so good. I was ooh-ing and chuckling over the exchanges. I really wanted more. I also liked the atmosphere around Sophia and Mr. Rutledge (?), I liked them. Also, there were some good female friend interactions! Sophia, Cecy, and Daphne were fun to read about. Daphne is probably my favorite, and I do hope she gets a book– I think she will since she is expanding upon what Bounders can do 😀

All in all, this was a great book. I suggest reading the first one Burning Bright which I also enjoyed before reading this one.


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