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T5W: Fandoms I Disembarked From

This week’s topic: Fandoms You Are No Longer In
–Everyone has those fandoms they used to be super invested in, and now are no longer a part of.

I am a huge fan of… well, fandoms. I like the community they foster and the creativity that grows from it. Fandoms are awesome, until they aren’t… and the reasons to leave a fandom are numerous. I’ve been in and out of fandoms since before the word existed, probably like most people now-a-days if we really think about it, so I have left many fandoms. 
The ones mentioned below are ones I was totally dedicated to in one way or another and actively participated in so way in.

Simple Plan / Good Charlotte

Image result for simple plan

Image result for good charlotteLook how much older they all look! Lol Goth is gone and even the punk levels have dropped.

My all time favorite bands when I was in middle school and high school. Good Charlotte and Sum 41 were my first concert @ age 13 and Simple Plan @ Jingleball was my second. I read my first fanfics and I had a binder which pages dedicated to each band member with facts and pictures. Honestly, looking back now, I was just making hard-copy tumblr posts lol. 
So, what took me out? I moved on. I still love these bands, but I found other bands and other shows or games to play which took my time. When these groups produce new music though, I’ll still listen and reminisce, but I’m crazy about them anymore. 


Image result for twilight series

What really brought me into this fandom was that I had found friends that read and loved it. Had it not been for them I probably wouldn’t have fallen so hard. I read this book during class, during lunch, and all my free time in order to understand what my friends were talking about. A rare time I could talk to people about books!! Also, the movie was being casted and I really wanted to be Alice. ^_^ I probably would have dropped the series after New Moon if it wasn’t for my friends. 
Why I left? I grew up, read more books– many with better, more positive love interests, and saw how problematic this series is. I still haven’t even seen the movies. 


Image result for k-pop fandom collage

This… this actually hurts a bit to write. I still totally enjoy listening to K-pop and I’d just about DIE to get into a concert of one of my faves, but I had to take myself out of the fandom. When I was in, I knew everything about everyone. I knew who was debuting, when, from what company, and the type of song. I knew all the members of all bands I liked and their birth dates. I was, as my friends said, the K-pop Encyclopedia. Then I had a friend who started writing fanfic sooooo I tried it and wow…. that was a good time.
What happened? As with most things, I lost the time. I was studying abroad in Japan, made friends, hooked myself a boyfriend (now fiance) and just… there was no time. Now, I have time if I wanted to write, but I lack the will to do it. Plus, I’d rather read. Not to mention that the K-Pop fandom is SUPER toxic. I’ve been distancing myself from it for years without realizing because I just didn’t want to deal.
Do I still reblog photos and listen to the music? YUP! But, not as much and not as hardcore.

There are a few more fandoms I’m barely hanging into (crochet, anime, manga, traveling), but I’m still determined to keep them. I am not going to just toss out my yarn or my Japanese degree. When I calm down on reading or need a break, I’ll pick up those fandoms more ^_^

I’ve also attempted to enter other fandoms, but never actively participated (Charmed, Sherlock!!!!! MY LOVE!!!, Supernatural), so I did not want to count them.

What fandoms have you left?


13 thoughts on “T5W: Fandoms I Disembarked From

  1. I’m not gonna lie… I love Good Charlotte’s new album, lmao. I guess I never quite got over them. I was such a huge Simple Plan lover as a kid, though, and I HATE everything they’ve put out since… well… their second or third album, I guess. *pouts*


    1. I still need to check out Good Charlotte’s new album. Simple Plan’s 3rd album was kinda meh, but they’ve had a few songs recently I’ve liked such as Summer Paradise with the guy from One OK Rock, Jetleg, Boom!, and Singing in the Rain. Definitely not the same sound as their first albums, but I can still jam to them haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mostly just YG stuff. Winner, Big Bang, old school Jinusean… and a random smattering of Block B, Sistar, and Turbo. I don’t know most of the acts on music shows today anymore. You?


      2. I tend to like all the ‘B’ groups: BAP, Big Bang, Beast, BTS, Block B, (B)Vixx ^_^I also really like Secret, Mamamoo, and Girls Day.
        I haven’t kept up with the new stuff in ages, but I have some friends who do, so I still hear of new stuff now and again. I’d love to see BAP (again), Block B, or BTS in concert, though.


      1. UGH, the shipping wars. I don’t understand. Did you hear about how shippers in the Voltron fandom are BLACKMAILING the Voltron producers/directors/etc. into making a ship canon.
        I love fandoms, but at the same time this stuff makes me hate it.


  2. I used to love Simple Plan! I guess I’ll still listen to them if the opportunity presents itself, but otherwise no. I still enjoy their music but it no longer speaks to me at a deeper level… My rebellious teenage phase is over XD
    We all grow up at some point *sigh* (nostalgia, though!)


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