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Book Set Review: #JustFriends 1-4

JustFriends by Marie Cole

Genres/Themes: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

*I received this through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Just Friends: ★☆☆☆☆
Old Friends: ★☆☆☆☆
Fast Friends: ★★★☆☆
Friends Again:★★☆☆☆
Let’s round up for an average of 1.2 stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Just Friends
He’s my first crush.
I’m his best friend.
When we are pushed into a room alone together sparks start to fly and there isn’t anything anyone can do to put out the fire that sizzles between us.
Except maybe her
His girlfriend.
With her on his arm there couldn’t be a worse time to explore the depth of my feelings for him.
So for now we’re #JustFriends.
…Or are we?

Old Friends
Nine years later, with Kent’s relationship crashing to an end, he turns to his ever-faithful friend Elly for support. However, the torch Elly always carried for Kent has burned down to a stub. She’s moved on with her life and is involved with a new guy.

But when Elly’s relationship ends as well, she can’t help turning to her lifelong BFF, Kent. But Kent’s unwilling to settle for just being friends with benefits. Will Elly find the courage to let him into her heart again, or will they forever remain #JustFriends?

Fast Friends
Stacy knew when you found a good man you latched on and didn’t let go. She wasn’t about to follow in her mama’s footsteps. So when her drunken one stand with the hotter-than-hell bad boy rocker threatened to become a repeat, she should’ve run; fast and far. Alcoholic bass-playing Rio wasn’t a recipe for happily ever after.

But when Rio’s tragic past is revealed and his walls start to crumble Stacy has to decide if the bad boy might be the one person she needs to guard her heart against or if he’s exactly what she’s been waiting for.

Friends Again
Jen, fresh off the divorce boat, is trying to rebuild her life. Her ex-husband has moved on with his best friend and her dad is doing everything in his power to make her seem incompetent. Complication is the last thing she needs in her heart.
But he finds her.
Dominic has wanted one thing: to be with Jen, his first and fiercest love, but he wasn’t able to follow through on his promises. Now his career is in order he only has one more piece to add to his life’s puzzle: Jen.Will she give in to her desires or will she lock away her heart forever?

Just Friends and Old Friends is about Elly and Kent… dear god. I hated them with a passion. I’m in the boat of — get your feelings off your chest and just tell the person OR get over it. Also, I’m totally against rape WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD BE AND IF YOU THINK ELLY DOESN’T RAPE KENT THEN YOU ARE IGNORANT. Seriously, (spoiler–>) if things had been reversed with Kent making an unconscious Elly give him a handjob everyone would be effing screaming. THIS IS NOT OKAY! And then (spoiler–>) she is angry at him for not telling her he was conscious during the end of it, when honestly he should be pissed! She instigated him cheating on his GF and Elly is pissed because…. ??????? God I hate her.
*deep breathe* So, if that all doesn’t bother you, let me explain some more why I did not like these first books.
Everything revolves around the romance, which I understand because it is a romance, but there is no world-building (what state are they in? What is the scenery like?), there is barely friendships and when they exist they seem forced, I still have no idea what Kent’s major is, being in college you would think more of college life would make it into the book (spoiler: no), and I really wanted to learn about Elly living life alone or trying to reach her dream which we barely… no, I have no idea what she wants to end up doing since she repeatedly said she did not think she could become pro.

So, these books move super fast– from one encounter to the next, which leaves the characters feeling bland and flat.

Fast Friends is my favorite out of the bunch. We still hear about how shitty of a person Kent is (no surprise), but we get to see flawed characters here with a little more depth. Still overly dramatic at times? Yes *sighs* but I could handle it, because it is much better than the previous relationship. Stacy has dreams–RIO HAS DREAMS, they both have goals and real-life concerns, so they seemed like real people (dear god this is a stretch, but kinda). It was insta-love-ish, but in then end I thought it was really sweet and I absolutely loved this couple. Rio is a sweetheart and Stacy is so cute. They are kinda #relationshipgoals.

Friends Again…*sigh*
Everyone hates Jen after coming from Elly & Kent’s story, so it was a bit difficult to get into this novella. Her and Dominic… might work out? But, I honestly feel like Jen needs to figure out who she is and what she wants before anything else. This Jen did not make sense to me– she seems different from the dark hole she was in the first book. So, I feel she should get a relationship, yes, but I feel more that she needs to be ready for one.
So, what I’m trying to say is, if I did not think of her as Jen from the previous books, then this was much easy to read, even if it was fast all the way around.

Also, Jesus, if anyone drinks AS MUCH AS ALL OF THESE PEOPLE I’m surprised they aren’t dead, AND maybe that is why there is so many misunderstanding and unwillingness to talk or explain or act like an adult. Towards the end there they are mid 20s and 30s, sooooo *groans* I just don’t understand, so I will leave it at this.
I will say, the author made this easy to read and it was not boring, considering I actually finished it all.


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