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Down the TBR Hole #5

This post was created by Lia from Lost in a Story since many of us add more books in a week than we actually read and sometimes completely forget what the heck is on the list (so guilty). Since I started my Goodreads list back in 2012 — then abandoned it for a few years and then came back and started adding things without reviewing what was already on my list…. this fits me to a T. 

How it works:

  • Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?

Current TBR Total: 960 still lower than last week, so I think I’m doing good ^_^


Zeroboxer by Fonda Lee

A standalone– rare for me, and it is an award winner, although I can’t remember of which. But, it has a super interesting plot and seems unique. I may not get to it soon, but this is one I don’t want to forget about


Judgement: Keep


Charm & Strange 
Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn

This one sounds really interesting, but I’ve also heard that it is slow… which isn’t my thing. Another award winner… hmmmm


Judgement: Go

Just not super excited about it… 


Shadowshaper (Shadowshaper, #1) 
Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older

Another award-winner and standalone with a pretty interesing plot. Caribbean magic mixed with art and graffiti? Seriously, it just seems awesome.


Judgement: Keep… possibly read this summer


 New Moon (Luna #1)
New Moon (Luna #1) by Ian McDonald

I’m really mixed about this one! It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure… then again Tamora Pierce rated it 5 stars… and well, I love the moon. 


Judgement: Keep

Anyone wanna buddy read this to ensure I don’t forget about it? lol 

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal
 Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1

I know, I know, I am really slow about getting to the comics on my list. 


Judgement: (Hell yes) Keep

Just put a hold on it at the library

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)
Throne of Glass #1 by Sarah J. Maas

Once again, I know… I am so late to this show, but I’ll get to it eventually…. later this year or next I think. Currently, I’m trying to whittle on my on-going series


Judgement: Keep



 The Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles, #1)
Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles #1) by Mary E. Pearson

I’ve heard great things about this series and always say I’ll look it up to read or something only to realize it is on my TBR list and I’ve completely forgot about it…. 

But, again, I think this is something I’ll get to eventually.


Judgement: Keep

Tiger & Bunny, Vol. 1
Tiger & Bunny #1 by Mizuki Sakakibara

I usually don’t put my TBR manga on Goodreads… so this is surprising to see. I absolutely LOVED the anime. 

I think I’ll take it off this TBR list and just make sure it is on my manga TBR list lol which is confusing, but I like keeping them more separate. 

Judgement: Go (from Goodreads)

The Assassin's Curse (The Assassin's Curse, #1)
The Assassin’s Curse #1 by Cassandra Rose Clarke


UGH, I just never feel like it? Or have the time??? I don’t know why I am procrastinating this… Pirates, assassins, magic, curses, !!! this is SO ME. I seriously don’t know why I haven’t read it yet…. 

Judgement: Keep

Always Watching (Elite Guardians, #1)
Always Watching (Elite Guardians #1) by Lynette Eason

I am interested in this…. but I think one of the things I’m getting hung up on is the ‘Christian Fic’ tag and the reviews…. and how the reviewers frown at an ‘oh my g–‘ 
Considering my faves and other books I read (Witches, vampires, PNR, etc.) I’m thinking this might not be the one for me. 

Judgement: Go


Compared to last week, I did not do so well at getting rid of books (3/10), but on the other hand, I was able to remind myself of books I am SUPER interested in reading and may try to read soon.

Also, if anyone is interested in buddy reading ANY of the ‘keep’ books above, let me know! I’m totally down, because it helps me actually read from my list. ^_^



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