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Book Review: Belle’s Tale & The Beast’s Tale

Belle's Tale by Mallory ReavesThe Beast's Tale by Mallory Reaves

Belle’s Tale & The Beast’s Tale by Mallory Reaves

Genres/Themes: Movie book, Manga, Fairy Tale, Romance, Children/Middle Grade book


*I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Let me start this review by saying that I do really like fairy tales and I also really love manga.Synopsis from Goodreads: 

A tale as old as time … told in timeless manga style
Disney’s much-anticipated live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” hits theaters in March 2017, and it stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. This original two-part manga series is based upon the upcoming movie… but you’ve never seen this classic love story told quite this way before.
The “Beauty” manga delves into Belle’s deepest thoughts as she’s taken prisoner by the Beast in his majestic castle. Where the “Beast” manga explores Beast’s deepest thoughts as he captures Belle in his castle and finds himself falling in love with her feisty attitude and adventurous spirit.

When I picked up this manga, I was hoping it would be more than the new live-action movie– some insights and extra scenes… no, there are less scenes because we don’t get the scenes without Belle (in Belle’s Tale) or the Beast (in The Beast’s Tale). Because of this, the story goes very fast and seems choppy. This scene– then to this one– And then here! Although, I’ll admit that I think The Beast’s Tale was better than Belle’s Tale.

The other thing I disliked was how the speech bubbles were. I have never read a comic like that. Usually they low, left to right top to bottom, or right to life top of bottom of the page. This one is right to left panels and within the panels top to bottom bubbles. That is the ONLY WAY the story makes sense and it is so annoying. And the page in the back explaining how to read it, is not accurate for what is in the book.

I will say I enjoyed the artwork and thought they did a good job capturing the background.

Therefore, I’d recommend this story to younger children and hope they understand how the bubbles work.


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