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Top Ten Tuesday: How NOT to Get me to Read a Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

Theme: Things That Will Make Us Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

*not in any particular order

  • Love Triangles

    UGH!!! I am so tired of this. Image result for love triangleProbably, one of the reasons I have a hard time watching K-Dramas. I hate the back and forth and “oh, who do I choose!?” No, if you can’t tell if you like one more than the other than you don’t like either.
    Now, if it is an ACTUAL love triangle Person A likes Person B, Person B likes Person C, Person C likes Person A, it still can be irritating, but somehow I find it usually isn’t as bad.

  • Romance Only
    Alright, there is nothing wrong with this one, just a personal standpoint. For me, there has to be more than just a budding romance to the plot. I need action or fantasy (PNR) or even a murder mystery. The romance can’t be the main plot, or I just get bored.
  • Reviews From Friends
    If a book doesn’t get good reviews from people I trust on Goodreads or IRL, then I’ll not pick it up. This is why I haven’t read The Selection and stopped reading Divergent.

  • Prose/Poetry
    Again, this is just personal preference.
    I just don’t like poetry that much… I dislike dissecting things to try finding the true meaning. I am quite simple this way.

  • Detail-Orientated
    Oh goodness, if I read in a review that something is super descriptive or if the author is known for writing pages describing a car (Stephen King) then I just won’t touch it. I get too bored with it, unfortunately.
  • Time Travel

    Image result for conspiracy gifI know, this is a weird one. I’ve even read the Time Traveler’s Wife and thoroughly enjoyed it. If someone recommends it to me or I hear it is well done, then I’ll try, but I usually overthink the concept. I have to really not think about the mechanics and butterfly affect when reading.
    On the other hand, if the book is dealing with people who can go back and observe the past, not touch or interfere or talk with anyone, then I have no problem at all.

  • Insta-love
    Image result for insta-love gifWell…. I might still read the book, but I will be frustrated with the romance the entire time. Insta-love is just plain lazy. And if there is a reason for it to happen, then I want proof they are meant to be together besides the fact that they lust after each other.
    I think ACOMAF does a decent job with this and a few Night Huntress World books, namely A Drop of Crimson. Yeah, there is a lot of “OMG HIS BOD IS GORGEOUS!”, but there are also times where they both notice aspects of the other that they like (ex. bravery, being a gentleman, loyalty, etc.)
  • ‘Meh’ Book Cover
    I’ll admit, I judge a book by its cover. If it isn’t nice to look at, I assume the content isn’t great either, unless I notice good reviews.

  • Uncompleted Series
    This one, won’t always keep me away from a series, especially if I’m seeing great reviews from friends, but I do tend to wait. I prefer binging and knowing the series is over rather than:
    wait, forget what I read, re-read the series, then read the new books, repeat.
    Mostly, I do this with manga. I’m reading a TON of ongoing manga, but I usually wait a month or two then catch up. I’ll also do it if I read the first book and was on the edge with it (Red Queen), so I’ll wait for the series to finish before re-reading and trying the second book. 
  • Set during WWI or WWII
    I’m not a huge historical fantasy reader, but when I am, I prefer Victorian era-ish. I love the castles. Besides that, I don’t have a lot of experience, but I do know if I see anything set during these wars…. or civil war, OR revolutionary war– let’s say ANY WAR SINCE 1750 I can’t get into it. I immediately stop looking at the book. Image result for downton abbey world war one gif
    Why? Especially considering there are so many ‘wars’ in fantasy novels or in medieval era books…. I don’t know. I might have actually dropped Downton Abbey because of WWI, but I knew I was being an idiot and it is a great show. 

    Maybe it is because I’ve had to learn about the wars so much or read about them academically for so long I just want to deal with the horror of them anymore. 


Well, here are my ten! What do you think? Any on your list? What would you add?


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: How NOT to Get me to Read a Book

  1. Awesome list! We have a lot of these in common, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who can’t stand romance being the central focus, insta-love, AND love triangles! I had all of those on my list as well! I also had unappealing covers, but what book lover doesn’t love a pretty cover?
    I almost included prose/poetry as well since I like my writing to be a lot more straight forward! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I wrote a lot about love/romance!! Hahaha. And when the book has all three…. I swear my eye twitches!
      I do like some poetry, but I don’t go out of my way to read it…. totes not my thing.


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