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Sunday Post: 4/16/17

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blogs.

Today I will be discuss books I read last week and which I thought had the best cover(!), as well as potential books for for next week.

~Last Week~

Last week, I wasn’t really on top of my game. I haven’t been feeling well, which means I’ve been reading more than homework UGH… what a great way to start this week: knowing I have so much to do.
As for reading… I read 7 books! 4 fun reads (1 audiobook) and 3 from Netgalley!! I really might catch up some day haha.

-Fun Reads

So in love with this series and it was a great way to start the week. All the stars I can give I give this series! I keep checking on my status with the last book. Can’t wait!

Wink Poppy Midnight was a disappointment if I’m being honest. I thought it was going to be about something completely different. 😦


How to explain how much I love the Kate Daniels series….

For starters, I was late to my volunteer work so I could finish Magic Rises and then I paused a book (Freeks) when I learned about Gunmetal magic and how I had accidentally skipped it!! Much, much love ❤

-Netgalley Reads




Had a decent week with these books. They weren’t great, but at least I finished them… on the other hand, I actually really liked Fate of Flames, so all in all, not a bad week. Also, like I said before I finished 3!!
I’m still only at 72% [someone please keep me away from the request page!], but I am almost done with books published in 2016.

☼Captivating Covers☼

Definitely had some interesting covers this week! The ones that I ended up staring at the most were: 

Wink Poppy MidnightFate of Flames. 

Both have so much going on and represent the story and I just really liked them.


~This Week~

I actually already finished Freeks ^_^, but since I read it today (Sunday) I count it towards this week so… glad I’m already working towards the weekly Netgalley count! I think reading 3 this week won’t be too difficult.



I haven’t checked what Netgalley book I will read next since I still need to write the review, but the following books are the ones I have checked out from the library. 

My Lady Jane I’ve been told is an amazing audiobook. I honestly am so excited to start reading, but I received Real Murders by Charlaine Harris first, so that is the one I’ll listen to first. Also, I’ve got the ninth book in this series to read from Netgalley, but I’ve forgotten the series so… I’ve got to get to work on this….

The Key (True Reign, #1)

The Key is the last book I have out from the library and picked it up yesterday, yes a physical copy. I had to get it through Link+ because my library doesn’t have a copy, so I’m really hoping I like this book and the rest of the series I’ll have to get through Link+ too…. we will see ^_^

Lots of books! I’m hoping to read at least 5 this week! How many are you trying to read?
What were your favorite books from last week?
Comment and let me know ^_^











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