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Top Ten Tuesday: What are your Fandoms?

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

Theme: Fandoms you are a part of!

Oh, this is a hard one. I am in many fandoms, although I haven’t been involved in most– or any?– for quite some time. The one way I interact with fandoms is on Tumblr, which is not always the healthiest environment, but we choose who we follow, right?
I think I’ll go broad with some specific fandoms as description… maybe? Let’s see how this goes. 

  1. Books/Novelsbook-flying-words-copy-2-blog
    This one is probably obvious since I have a Book Blog. I love a TON of novels but the below three authors are my favorites and I follow the first two on tumblr–which is so awesome~~

    1. Tamora Pierce
    2. Leigh Bardugo
    3. Jeaniene Frost
  2. Manga
    Again, probably VERY obvious. I don’t want to give specifics because even though I have faves (Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Sailor Moon, Horimiya) I don’t follow them very closely. I follow the genre as a whole though, following Viz and Shoujo Beat on Twitter and other stuff.
  3. Anime

    Currently, I am going through an anime slump. Literally one episode from finishing SAO season 1, but haven’t… I blame the site I use always messing up. Anyhow, I was way more into this fandom in Japan, because it was easier to buy stuff. So, I watched shows so I could buy the merch ^_^ Below are kinda my big 4.

    1. Yu Yu Hakusho
    2. Sailor Moon
    3. Eden of the East
    4. Digimon
  4. Crochet

    I crochet. With this fandom too I am going through a slump. I co-share a crochet blog on tumblr, but have kinda abandoned it and I haven’t made anything in a while because the request I am working on… ugh I just wish it would finish without me.
  5. K-Pop

    Okay, anyone who knows K-pop knows this is an intense fandom. I started with DBSK 5 and Big Bang back in 2009 and was hella into it as I knew how. Then in 2012ish I got into B.A.P. With Tumblr and my bestie also loving B.A.P we really fell down the rabbithole. This is the only band or thing I have ever written fanfic for. I haven’t in awhile, but I should really finish my stories…..
    Anyhow, I don’t have time to be so devoted, so I still love the music and artists, but just don’t do anything for them :/
  6. Dessert
    lol kinda running out of things here, but I am a huge fan and love watching the youtube videos of people making dessert…. or food in general, but I like dessert more haha.
  7. TV Shows
    Love TV shows. I don’t watch too much anymore because I’m not in that phase currently, but I did start Mr. Robot last weekend and really enjoyed it. I also had a Law & Order shirt in High School hahaha. I prefer watching TV shows when I crochet, so when I’m into one I am into the other.
  8. Houses

    This is a weird one, but I love looking at houses. I go on walks to look at the outsides of houses, check online to see the inside (or go to stores like IKEA), and I love watching House Hunters. I compare prices and areas and other factors. I’m not great on decorating etc., but have always found other people’s work fascinating.
  9. K-Drama

    Oh goodness… This is another dangerous fandom for me. Honestly, I might be leaving it because I can’t seem to finish shows anymore, but I just love the drama and the humor so much!! Could do all-nighters watching these in High School.
  10. Video Games (slightly)
    Another little stretch. I do play and enjoy video games, but I mostly say I am in this fandom because my fiance playing them often and watches twitch streams, so I am constantly around them. I do really love Final Fantasy games! and I just started playing a cute game called Slime Rancher, which I am totally in to. Let’s not forget visual novels and otome games haha.

Alrighty! Here are my fandoms as weird and as broad as they are ^_^ What fandoms are you into??


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: What are your Fandoms?

  1. OMGOSH I have so much in common with you!!! First, I LOVE Horimiya, it’s like the ultimate Josei/shojo mashup. They’re both so precious. Also with SAO, the plot was sooo good; but I honestly only like the first “half” because the second part is just so triggering and disturbing for me. But BE STILL MY HEART Choi Han Kyul, he drives me up the wall sometimes, but I love him and Go Eun Chan as a couple; they balance each other well!

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    1. Horimiya!!! It is so awesome and I love how it plays with the sides of ourselves we show different people. haha I’ve heard that a lot about SAO. I’m on the last episode of Season 1 and just haven’t gotten around to it…(I think I need to find a new way to watch it).
      I haven’t watched K-dramas in a few months, but I’m really thinking about watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon– it looks so cute!!


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