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Book Review: Night Shift

Night Shift (Night Shift #1) by B.R. Myers

Genres/Themes: Magical Realism/Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult, Mystery


*I received this book through netgalley, all opinions and thoughts are my own*


Synopsis from Goodreads: 

At Willard’s department store, none of the night security guards survive for long, and eighteen-year-old Daniel Gale is about to discover why.

Tired of living out of his backpack, he ignores the clerk’s gossip about the old building being haunted and accepts the latest vacated position of night guard. On his first shift Daniel narrowly escapes a fatal fall down an elevator shaft and is rescued by Mary—a bossy and intriguing girl far too beautiful for after hours inventory.

Anticipating every night shift as a chance to be with her, Daniel thinks his traveling days are over hoping that Manhattan is the place to call home. But as his life becomes more entwined with Willard’s, Daniel senses unnatural changes and bizarre coincidences both with Mary and the store itself. Soon he begins to suspect Willard’s is hiding something more sinister than gossip about ghosts—something that could make him the next casualty of the NIGHT SHIFT.

It started out soooo dreadful, I honestly could not get into it and I felt like I was nitpicking every little thing… So, I decided to sit down and get comfortable to really give it a go.
When I ignored the small details and went with the story, I was honestly getting into it; I wanted to know how it ended and the mystery. Did I end up skipping a few pages? Oh, yes. I really dislike the main character– he is kinda a dick. Playing two girls at a time, making them jealous, no notice of quitting (thankfully stays on), acting like the victim when he is the one hurting the girl(s) he likes– I am over him. Mary deserves so much better.

Kinda sucks because I like all of the side characters ALL OF THEM and I like the plot. I just don’t like the main character or the writing style. Even if something is fantasy I need it to seem believable and true– but I never got that feeling here. This would probably make a good movie though.

In the end, I like the plot. I might read summaries of the next books in the series to see what happens, but I definitely won’t read them.


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