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When you can’t read, there are Podcasts!

This week I didn’t like the Top 5 Wednesday post/ I feel like I answered last week during Top Ten Tuesday, so I thought I would take today to talk about and ask for podcast recommendations. 

I really like the idea of podcasts, but I never seem to really get into them. I used to really REALLY love Welcome to Nightvale, but then I lost the time to listen and now I’d have to start all over again and once again…. no time for something like that. Plus, it seems every time I do start over my e-audiobooks from the library come in and then I lose track of my podcasts.

I’ve also tried listening to educational podcasts or a few related to books like Booklist, which was okay.

Recently, the teen librarian at my local library told me she and a few other Sacramento Public Library librarians were starting a virtual book club podacast and asked me to provide feedback. As a potential teen librarian myself, I couldn’t tell her no , plus I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to ^_^
I’m so glad I started this one!

This book club is called Is It Teen Enough For You Now? which I’ve kinda mentioned in a few posts, but I thought I should mention it again because it is still in its infancy, but so amazing for those of us who like YA books!
For me, it is a way to learn about books I might otherwise not as well as gain insight about books I’ve read/ will read.
For other listeners, not only can you add to their discussion, but you can also get book recommendations from librarians.

Books they’ve talked about thus far:

  • Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston
  • Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley
  • Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina
  • And I Darken by Kiersten White

They post about every 2 weeks (Blog Link) (Twitter Link)

But, since I don’t want to listen to the And I Darken podcast until I read the book, I was wondering if anyone else knew of good podcasts!

I might just start up WTNV again, but if anyone can recommend me a good podcast, I’d definitely give it a try!

I like ones that talk about/review books or bookish news and even ones that are like stories themselves.




So, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!!
Also, if you decide to check out my new favorite podcast to listen to, let me know that too! I’d love to know who else is ‘participating’ in this book club lol.


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