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Review: Destined for a King

Destined for a King (The Bastard Brotherhood #1) by Ashlyn Macnamara

Genres/Themes: Romance, Fantasy, Historical (not really but old time setting)


*I received this book through Netgalley, but all thoughts and ideas are my own*

I’m trying to be stricter on my reviews and rating this year and this is a hard one to review. I really enjoyed reading this, but I was a little bored and did in fact roll my eyes a few times. Now, I can’t say much for the sex scenes because I tend to skip them so, keep that in mind if you continue to read my review.

Summary from Goodreads:

Though she is intended for the king, Calista Thorne picks up a crossbow to defend her ancestral home, Blackbriar Keep, from a gang of landless knights. She even manages to sink a poison-tipped arrow into their commander, who survives long enough to conquer the Keep and claim Calista for his own. Now, with her father’s life at stake, Calista must nurse the brigand back to health, and the strangest thing happens: She finds herself fascinated by his tautly muscled body, and enthralled by his hotly whispered demands.

Ever since his father’s death, the fearsome warrior they call Torch has been consumed by his quest for revenge. Taking Blackbriar Keep is the first step in that plan, and—by the three gods—it won’t be the last. But after taking one look into Calista’s smoldering gray eyes, Torch discovers a passion nobler than retribution. He will fulfill his destiny and take her from the usurper king, even in his weakened state. For with Calista’s love, no man has ever felt more powerful.

One factor I look for in books is a strong female, if they can kick ass too then I will usually read it. This heroine is definitely strong. Yet, I feel the author, in trying to make her appear strong and independent, also made her wishy-washy. How fast can a character go from having passionate lovemaking to never wanting to be with him again? Or realizing she may actually want to marry him because of her growing feelings to “I’m destined to marry a king so, I shouldn’t marry him”? It took a page.
And her journey to wanting to be with the man she ended up with was SO ANNOYING. Like, decide if you care more about love or being queen!! In the end, I still dunno which reason actually made her marry him!

Torch is pretty cool. His badass-ness doesn’t live up to the hype, unfortunately. He was always getting injuried and having to be rescued! He is the warrior with years of training, I would have liked that aspect to shine at least once.

Also, in the beginning of the book I could have SWORN that our heroine had magical healing powers she wasn’t showing anyone– I kept waiting (literally, the whole book) for her to use these powers. Somehow, I misunderstood…. I was super disappointed, but I can’t remember for the life of me why I thought she was a magical healer…

And of course, I thought the story line was a bit overdone. Then again, if people didn’t like it, then writers would stop writing it 🙂

So, I did enjoy the quick read. I’m not waiting on bated breath for the sequel (which I’m assuming/hoping is about Swift), but I’m not at the point to say I wouldn’t read it. I am curious to see how things turn out.

If you like romances set in this medieval-esque setting I would recommend you read it. It was fun even if I did have some problems with it.


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