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Review: The Magicians

The Magicians (The Magicians #1) by Lev Grossman

Genres/Themes: New Adult, Fantasy, Magic, Coming of Age, Magical Realism


Seriously…. I don’t know how to review this book. I’m giving it 3.5 stars and I’m not even 100% sure that is the rating I want to give it. Continue reading “Review: The Magicians”

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Review: Impostor Queen

The Impostor Queen (The Impostor Queen #1) by Sarah Fine

Genres/Themes: Fantasy, YA, Slight Romance, Coming of age (?)


WOW what a book.

I have to admit I was gripped by this book and devoured it. Were there some things I was lackluster about? Definitely, but for some reason I found myself loving every minute of this book. Continue reading “Review: Impostor Queen”

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Review: Manga Classics — Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre (Manga Classics)

Genres/Themes: Historical, Romance, Classic, Manga


*I received this book through netgalley, but all thoughts and ideas about it are my own*

To start, I have to admit I have never read Jane Eyre… or most of the ‘classics’. I have been meaning to and I love manga so, when I saw this pop up I decided to give it a try. Continue reading “Review: Manga Classics — Jane Eyre”

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Review: Curious Minds

Curious Minds (Knight & Moon #1) by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton

Genres/Themes: Mystery – crime, Humor

*I received this book through netgalley, but all following ideas and opinions are my own*


I am a huge fan of Janet Evanovich. Sometimes the writing and plot lines can become repetitive or the jokes are the same, but I still can’t help myself from picking up a book and laughing. The same holds true for this book. Continue reading “Review: Curious Minds”

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Review: Destined for a King

Destined for a King (The Bastard Brotherhood #1) by Ashlyn Macnamara

Genres/Themes: Romance, Fantasy, Historical (not really but old time setting)


*I received this book through Netgalley, but all thoughts and ideas are my own*

I’m trying to be stricter on my reviews and rating this year and this is a hard one to review. I really enjoyed reading this, but I was a little bored and did in fact roll my eyes a few times. Now, I can’t say much for the sex scenes because I tend to skip them so, keep that in mind if you continue to read my review. Continue reading “Review: Destined for a King”