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T5W: Series that went downhill (12/13)

This weeks topic is: Series That Got Worse with Each Book/Season

This took quite a long time to remember… as it always seems to do 🙂 For me, usually I drop series after the first book or I drop them and plan to come back later– to read other series not because I don’t like it. I dug through my Read list on Goodreads and I’ve come up with 5 I think fit this bill.

  • Twilight series

Alright, I’m taking you all back to when I was in high school when this series had first come out. As a teen this book hit all the right buttons. Vampires, secret romance, mysterious feelings, danger… I didn’t look too deep. I’m a little upset with my teenage self for liking this book. What I’m happy about is how wrong I still felt about New Moon. Those blank pages for the months?!? Nearly killing herself ?! Oh, OH I was NOT happy. Then Eclipse… I honestly can’t remember, but Breaking Dawn was set up for a huge battle which didn’t even happen…. so, the Twilight series definitely got worse for me.

  • Anita Blake series

Believe it or not, I’m still talking about books from high school here. I really read anything about vampires and kick ass women I could get my hands on. And Anita Blake is amazingly kickass. (*sidenote: I’m reading the Kate Daniels series and the badass-ness of both these female kinda overlaps…)
Anyhow, I absolutely loved  the first book. There was everything I wanted. I understood why there were a ba-jillion books in the series. About… 5-6 books in it started losing me. Nothing could beat that first book and then there was So. Much. Sex. I know some people love it, but it just isn’t my thing– not that much. So, I had to give it up.
Might go back one day, see if it wasn’t as bad as my teenager- self remembers.

  • Psy-Changeling series

Okay, this is a series I picked up this year. I gotta say, I’m still on the fence. I’ve read 11 out of…. 15 I think. I didn’t think about not reading more until I saw the books while searching for candidates for this post. Honestly, I’m not sure I wanna go back. Every books has the same set up and that gets boring. The overarching plot inches forward the tiniest bit in each book. I like romance, but I usually like more than just romance. Especially if I’m reading a fantasy novel. So, wow… I think I’m dropping this series.
My ending feeling is that I’m just tired of it….

  • All Souls Trilogy

I read this series this year too!
The first book AMAZING! Oh man, I was ready to sing high praises and shout the book’s name from the rooftops. I was deeply in love.
Then I read the second book… it seemed to drag on and to be quite honest I have a huge problem with time travel and this book played into all the reasons I dislike it. The third book, again I felt it dragged. The romance and love between the main couple was something I didn’t care about anymore because I had stopped liking them. I stopped liking many things about the series which was really sad.
I wanted to love this entire series SO BADLY, but that didn’t happen.

  • Stephanie Plum series

My last pick is one I’m actually not done reading yet. Have I picked it up in years? Nope, but school gets in the way! *lying to myself*
Am I tired of the same routine? Yes, but I absolutely love the humor. Lola and Stephanie’s grandma make me smile.
Am I exhausted by a love triangle I didn’t even see coming?? ….yes -_-” We all know Stephanie and Ranger just don’t go together. Morelli and her just makes sense.
Do I still think about reading this series? All the time!! I almost started re-reading again this past summer, but I had many other things to read. ONE DAY I’ll READ IT AGAIN!!

Here is my list 🙂 let me know what you think and if you agree with anything! Also, feel free to leave a link to your post and I’ll check it out!!


5 thoughts on “T5W: Series that went downhill (12/13)

  1. I read the “Twilight” series at the end of college/right out of college. Just…UGH. After seeing “New Moon” and then hearing women quite a bit older than myself discussing whether they were Team Edward or Team Jacob, I was so embarrassed for them that I immediately decided I hated the “Twilight” series. True story…😂

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