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Belgians are hunting books, instead of Pokemon | Reuters

via Belgians are hunting books, instead of Pokemon | Reuters

TL;DR: People are putting books out in the world and leaving hints about where they are. You find the book, read it, then hide it somewhere new. This was set up by a Belgian primary school teacher and already 40,000 people are playing.


How cool is this? Going out and finding books sounds super fun.

Now, really, this is more like the geocaching games/adventures than Pokemon Go. Since this book hunting actually tells the player through hints where the books are. Now, I’m not a geocaching expert, I only went on a few searches when I was a kid and we used a GPS, not a phone because phones didn’t have GPS, just a GPS tool. Wow, I feel old…. anyhow, from what I remember geocaching is when you find coordinates and hints online to where a hidden box is. You search for the container and when you find it (Yay!) you get to take one of the little things inside and replace it with something you brought with you!

Definitely more like this Book Hunting game than Pokemon Go but, PokeGo is what is popular so, it gets the nod.

This really does seem interesting and I wonder if this could ever be brought to the states. Personally, I wouldn’t play it since I prefer picking out my own books but, talking about this I do want to try geocaching again.

Would you play the book game? Do you think it would be popular where you live?

Also, here is the link for geocaching for anyone interested.


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