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Positive link between video games and academic performance, study suggests

via Positive link between video games and academic performance, study suggests | Technology | The Guardian

Definitely an interesting read.

Playing video games is not the evil that people condemn it to be. With everything there are negatives and positives. Video games allow people to solve puzzles or be more creative. For people who do online gaming, they usually have one than one monitor with more than one process going at the same time! Maintaining multiple monitors and processes at the same time is a great skill to have when getting a job in the future since more and more places are requiring office workers to use multiple screens at once.

Then again, others may argue about how video games are keeping more people indoors and causing health problems. This is something I don’t think can be denied at his point in time but, there are games now available to combat this.

I would love to see if this particular study is ever proved to be correct. I believe video games could have helped but, in this regard as mentioned there is no guarantee.

Do you think video games can be a benefit to students or are they just a distraction? Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Positive link between video games and academic performance, study suggests

  1. We are a home of gamers. We understand the importance of mideration though, as with everything. Both of my “gaming” children are at the top of their classes and also have healthy social lives. Again, moderation is the key. My son has TS and gaming be it puzzles or video has helped improve hand eye coordination and provided him with a healthy outlet. I think the negative stigma is based on the wrong variable. I don’t believe gaming has ever been unhealthy. The trouble occurs when people are unable to find a healthy balance or parents fail to be aware of what children are involved in. This can be held true in many aspects of life 😊 Oh wow. Haha sorry for rambling.

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    1. No worries about the rambling or typos ^_^ I’m guilty of them both myself!
      I agree that video games like most things needs to be done in moderation. The negative stigma I feel comes from the people who don’t try to stay healthy themselves. Even playing sports for hours and hours could have negative aspects!
      I like the phrase, “moderation is the key to life.”

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