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Mini Review: Post This

#Post This by David Sinden & Nikalas Catlow

Genres/Themes: Journal, Creative, Social Media-centric


This is a really cool book. It is a creative adventure begging you to fill in its pages.

Synopsis from goodreads:

Sharing our personal expressions and creative ideas enriches all our lives. Post This is the first book that empowers you to express yourself and post the results to your social network. This is Art Therapy for the online world. Draw a self-portrait, draw your mood, create a bunch of flowers for a friend, illustrate the weather – and more. You capture the moment on the page in whatever medium you prefer and then share it via social media. Post This provides prompts and hashtags that encourage users to post the material they create – from the artistic to the absurd!

I haven’t done all the posts yet, mostly because at this moment I don’t own crayons or colored pencils and I have this as an e-book so, I’d have to print most the pages out.
One day I will do these all, maybe when I have more time and can but creative materials.

I really love this idea and the being social aspect. I might not always post everything I do in the future but, I will finish it all. Many unique and cool ideas.

Recommend? YES! If you use social media you should definitely grab this book and have fun!


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