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Review: The Demon Within

The Demon Within by Beth Woodward

Genres/Themes: Fantasy, Angels & Demons, Urban Fantasy


*I received this book in a goodreads giveaway and will be giving an honest and fair review*

I’m having a hard time deciding my feelings on this book. I liked parts and there are definitely parts there that I should have liked but, for some reason I’m not liking it too much.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

For ten years, she’s been on the run, plagued by violent blackouts and increasingly baffled by a growing array of superpowers—mind control, super strength, enhanced healing abilities.

What Dale doesn’t know is that Heaven’s greatest bounty hunter, John Goodwin, has been on her trail the whole time. When John finally corners her in New York City, he reveals the source of her powers: her mother was a demon.

They forge an unlikely connection and go on the run. In pursuit are his fellow bounty hunters, a deadly guild of angels known as the Thrones. Their goal: eradicate all demons—which includes Dale. As they flee across New England, Dale delves into the mystery of her own heritage and discovers that she’s a key figure in an ancient war between angels and demons.

Maybe it is because it has been over done but, the demon v. angels aspect is somewhat a game changer. After reading the whole book I’m not actually sure what the difference between an angel and a demon is. I don’t think it was ever clearly stated… unless they are just faction names.

Dale is a pretty cool lead character and can be bad ass when needed. She is great at hiding, so great that she can change personas when needed. Karen, Dale, Rose, etc. She is who she needs to be.

The romance in the book was almost non-existent in terms of the build up. But Dale and John after they touched each other were hot for each other and I never understood it. Well… Dale liking John. I understood John liking Dale since he was tracking her.

I’m not sure what Dale is going to do now… and because of that I probably won’t read it– maybe check out the synopsis before making that decision permanent.

Recommend? I really want to talk to people about the book so I want to say yes haha. I’d be more meh. Read, don’t read *shrug*



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