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Sunday Post 7/3/16

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blogs.

I’ll talk about books from last week I want to mention again, books out from the library, books from Netgalley I need to read soon, books I acquired over the week, and give a shout-out to great looking covers from the week. 

Last Week

-Honorable Mentions

Last week I read… 8 books! haha I knew I had Netgalley books to get done so I did! Well, I did have 2 DNF 😦 oh well…. so, 2 library books, 1 free amazon book, and 5 netgalley books.

As for the honorable mentions…

Both netgalley books, both amazing. Two of my favorite books from last week. I definitely recommend both of these.

-Books I acquired

I wasn’t planning on picking out more library books but, it has happened. Firstly, I picked up The Night Circus as an e-book for a reading challenge and then I need to pick up the physical copy of A Thousand Pieces of You for a group read when the library is next open.

I’m thinking next week I’ll pull out more books since that is when the Make Me Read It Read-a-thon starts!!

This Week

-Library Books/Other Books… that need to be read

So, the only library books I have out are the ones above!! YAY making progress~~ (aka finally finished Taste of Darkness!).I’ll definitely read The Night Circus and might try to fit in A Thousand Pieces of You.

Non-library books I need to read are A Demon Within, that I won a few weeks ago, and Scarlet (TLC #2) to start off the Readathon and fulfill a group read ^_^ I love overlaps!

-Netgalley Books

I’m about to start Nine Women, One Dress (pub. July 12th) which doesn’t seem too long and will help with a challenge.
Then I’ll read Surprise Me because the archive date is in 2 days but, published on June 21st.(I’m trying!!).


Next up will be a sneak peek at Arabella of Mars (pub. July 12th) so, I’m not sure if I’ll review what I read or not.

Last Night A Superhero Saved My Life (pub. June 7th) is one I’ll try to get to but, no we will see. I’m really excited to read it!


The last Netgalley book I’ll try to fit in is The Little Village Bakery (pub June 15th). No archive date on this one. I try to fit those in once in a while to get them out of the way.


I’m actually quite proud of myself because my feedback ratio is 64%! Amazing for me since my highest before was 50%. I’ve been cutting back on my requesting and the things I have been requesting are still pending :/ I have… 16 books pending! Please~~ just approve me already!


🌟Captivating Covers🌟

Bound By Birthright has such a beautiful cover. I ended up not liking the book but, I’m still in love with the cover (even though I didn’t think it fit the book well).

Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale is not my usual pick for this spot but, I love the simplistic look. So pretty. Definitely one I would like to show off.


So here is my week! What does your week look like?

Also, if you want me to read one book sooner than the other in order to see a review faster, just let me know! ^_^


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