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Review: The Last One

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva

Genres/Themes: Thriller, Survival, Sci-fi, Dystopia, Adult

*I received this book as a ARC in exchange from netgalley for a fair and honest review*

This book has definitely taught me that I should read the whole description before requesting a book. A bad habit of mine but, maybe it is working for me because this was an interesting read.

Brief Summary:
In Alexandra Oliva’s thrilling fiction debut, survival is the name of the game, as the line blurs between reality TV and reality itself—and one woman’s mind and body are pushed to the limit.

Zoo is taking part in a survivor-type reality show in order to have one last big adventure. She wants to see all she can do and she isn’t going to quit. There is no voting off, only the last one standing will win the prize. What Zoo doesn’t know is that a disease is starting to take affect around them. She thinks she is still in the game. Dead bodies? Props. Anything Baby Blue color? A reward or clue meant for her. No cameramen around? They are using drones again.
Through all of this she will be pushed to her limits but, at what point if ever will she actually give in? And will it be too late?

The reality show portion was definitely the main part of the story if only because Zoo, our main character, keeps referring to it and believing she is still in the game. I’ve seen many reviews of people saying the book was making them wonder if she was really still in the game or not but, the first chapter takes place outside of the show realm and lets the reader know that SOMETHING is wrong. So, I was rarely confused about what was game and what wasn’t even if our protagonist was.

Perhaps because I wasn’t often confused, I was waiting and waiting for Zoo to realize she wasn’t in the game. She would keep justifying things to herself. A ‘clue’ that says stay away means stay away but then another clue saying the same means come. ??? That confused me but, I justify it because she was so so so out of it.

I did love Zoo’s character growth. I’m not sure if it was growth in the right direction but, we definitely see her change. It is a sad change and I’m not sure if she will ever be normal again but, well…
I did think the other contestants were mentioned weirdly? I get we were getting their names that the audience might refer to them as but, it was annoying at times. Also, occasionally their real names would be thrown in and I had to think/figure out who they were. Usually it made sense so, it wasn’t too bad just a little annoying. I would love to know all their real names so I wouldn’t have to reference them as ‘Black Doctor’ or ‘Asian Girl’.

I would have liked for more information regarding what was going on in the world. We figure out really quickly it is a disease but, perhaps because the characters within the book don’t know what it is we don’t learn? I just love knowing so, this might be me being picky.

I feel I’ve been bashing this book so much but, I really did enjoy it. There is suspense, uncertainty, times to worry, and even the occasional doubt of what is real and isn’t. This was an adventure and something I really want to discuss with other people. Therefore I’m going to be recommending it to my friends once it comes out so we can talk about it!



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