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Tuesday Talks 6/28/2016

Tuesday Talks is for anyone who loves to discuss certain topics covering books, authors, libraries, book stores and so much more. Tuesday Talks consists mainly of Book tubers and bloggers, but anyone can join on discussions and can share their thoughts. We also encourage input from members on topics to discuss as well.

Tuesday Talks can be found on Goodreads!. This week’s topic is: Do you read strictly for enjoyment?

For this, I would like to say yes. There isn’t anything wrong with reading for only enjoyment.

Of course, I sometimes read for school so there is that and sometimes I read cookbooks, crochet how-to books, or other types of teaching books to learn.

Then there is Tumblr and the occasional news site read which keep me up-to-date.


So, I guess my answer is no not just enjoyment but, it is the main reason I pick up a book.

How about you all? Do you read only for enjoyment??


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Talks 6/28/2016

  1. I always begin reading out of pure enjoyment… but once I start a book, if I find I do not like it, I *must* finish the book all the way anyway. So not always is a reading 100% enjoyable for me.

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    1. I used to read all books I started. With so many other books out there I want to read, I don’t hold myself to that standard anymore. I feel bad sometimes… but, then I forget about it when I start another book ^_^


      1. Oh, how I wish I could to that!! It might be a bit obsessive, but all the books I start and then finished are then documented on my read lists. Plus, I feel it allows me the authority to complain when I hate a book. Since I finished it, I have the right to tell all my friends it was terrible. Hah.


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