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Sunday Post 6/26/2016

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blogs.

I’ll talk about books from last week I want to mention again, books out from the library, books from Netgalley I need to read soon, books I acquired over the week, and give a shout-out to great looking covers from the week. 

Last Week

-Honorable Mentions

Last week I read EIGHT books last week! Super excited about the amount because I’ve got books to read!
I read 3 Netgalley books (all the ones I said I’d read last time), 2 library books, 2 Read & Review books from a Goodreads group, and 1 Goodreads giveaway book.

As for books I want to mention again… I read so many good books this week so, it is hard to choose!

So, all four of these!! Seriously, all of them (and their respective series’) are worth a read! I definitely need to buy the ACOTAR series books~~

-Books I Acquired

I just picked this book up from the library. I forgot one of my goodreads groups was reading this book for June. I have a week left!! I can still make it!! ….probably not ^_^ but, I do want to read this book so, even if I don’t make it in time I’ll still read it in July.




This Week

-Library Books

So, besides Gone Girl I still have Taste of Darkness out from the library. Yes, I was going to read it but, I ended up reading ACOMAF instead. Will I have time to read it this week? …no 😦 therefore no picture.. MOVING ON!

-Netgalley Books

So, I went on a splurge on Netgalley and accidentally ended up getting books that have an archive date coming up soon…. I went from having 2 books to read by next Sunday to 6.

-All the Missing girls is due & published on June 28th. Currently 60% into this book and WOW… I’m loving it. Can’t wait to share my review.

-Beautifully Decadent will be published on June 28th and archives a day later.
This… I requested a long time ago and didn’t realize it was the third in the series… so hopefully I still understand what is going on.

-Risuko, I’m super excited about reading. Was published on the 15th of June and archives on the 30th.

-Immortal Crown is due on June 30th but published in May. I’m not sure how I’ll like this one but, I guess I’ll find out.


-Bound by Birthright is due July 1st but was published earlier this month. I’m really excited to read this one!!

-Four Weddings & A Fiasco is one I requested last month. Been meaning to get to it for quite a while. Archives July 2nd but is already published.


Do I really think I’ll read all of these on time? No, no I don’t. I’m going to try my best, though!


🌟Captivating Covers🌟

I’m in love with The Sin Eater’s Daughter series and the covers help add to my love. So glad I can put those on my shelf.

As for We Own the Night, I just think it is pretty and well put together.

So, those are my books! If you want me to read something sooner than later or make sure I get to it, just let me know! Are you planning on reading any of the books above? Have you read any of them?

Hope you all have a good week!!






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