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Review: furtl

furtl by Strobe Witherspoon

Genres/Themes: Satire, Politics, Futuristic, Dystopia


*I received this book through the group For Love of a Book in exchange for a honest review*

I should have known this wasn’t my kind of thing before I picked it up

Synopsis from Goodreads:

2026. furtl, America’s once dominant technology conglomerate is bleeding money. Holospace machines out of China have transformed the way people do business on the Internet and furtl can’t keep up. But there is hope. If furtl can get the US government to outlaw Holospace machines, their search algorithms, social networks, and proximity payment systems will live to see another day. All the government wants in return is unrestricted access to furtl’s user information so it can squash its political opponents. It’s the perfect plan (issues pertaining to privacy, innovation, and democracy notwithstanding).

This isn’t my type of book. All about politics and tons of new lingo.

I found the book annoying but, if you like politics and an over exaggeration of our government and life then you will love it.

Futuristic and full of points that are reminiscent of the American society now, it really hit the mark it was wanting to hit.

Definitely worth a read if this is your kind of thing.



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