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Review: The Curse of Tenth Grave

The Curse of Tenth Grave (Charley Davidson #10) by Darynda Jones

Genres/Themes: New Adult, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance


*I received this book through netgalley in exchange for a honest review*

I was so excited to actually get this. Was not disappointed!!

If you haven’t read this series, I really recommend it. I’m absolutely in love!~
So, because it is so late into the series I won’t be putting the synopsis but, the Goodread’s link below will go to the first book in the series. Seriously, check it out.

Now, on to how I felt about THIS book…

I’m absolutely in love with this series. I’m so involved that I don’t even know how to give this the review it deserves.

I love the wild ride the books take and just how everything wraps up in the end.

If you keep up with the series then you’ll know things are pretty intense. This books leaves things even more intense. I didn’t think it was possible….

All I know is I wasn’t huge on the beginning of the book because there was conflict between Reyes and Charley. I love them as a couple but, the book was dragging… once they started talking things picked right back up. Such joy… such amazing stories.

I am so excited for the next book. Waiting will be difficult but, so worth it!!



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