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Book Shuffle! (1)

This is hosted by Clockwork Bibliophile.

On the 15th of each month, you press the shuffle button on iTunes and whichever song first appears then needs to be related to a book of your choosing. It can link to the song in any way you see fit; the tone, the lyrics reflecting something which actually happens in the book, a character’s personality, the development of a relationship – pretty much anything. The sky is the limit!

Personally, I love music so, I thought this would be great to jump in on!

The song that came up first on my Itunes was…. The Stars by BTS!

^Live version of the song. I really want to go to one of their concerts one day!!

This is a song that really I feel like is about a person in a bad place, as if thinking of suicide, and the singers are saying don’t give up!

CAN YOU FEEL THIS LIFE? If so, don’t give up
Let’s aim for the shinning tomorrow for our dreams
Even if there are times when you feel discouraged, it’s not meaningless
Even if you’re in the last place now, if you have a dream you’re not
So NEVER GIVE UP, don’t think too much about it

–Translation taken from BTS trans on tumblr. They are so awesome for all the amazing work they do!!

I don’t think I’ve read a novel that cover this but, I believe LIFE, a manga, really goes into this.

There are a few manga that go into self-harm, suicide, or just not caring about one’s life but then learning to live life to the best of their ability. I can’t remember all their names but, I know this one sticks out for sure. It was even made into a drama on tv.

I’ve heard rumors it is a true story but, I think it is too exaggerated to be real. Either way, it really shines a light on bullying which is a major problem.

The main character Ayumu is bullied and goes through such a scary time and she is only in high school. She cuts herself and thinks of giving up but, *spoiler* she survives. She lives for a brighter tomorrow.


Therefore, I think it really goes with the song.

Can you think of any books (of any kind) that could fit with this song?
Do you listen to BTS??

Let me know~!


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