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Tuesday Talks 6/6/2016

Tuesday Talks is for anyone who loves to discuss certain topics covering books, authors, libraries, book stores and so much more. Tuesday Talks consists mainly of Book tubers and bloggers, but anyone can join on discussions and can share their thoughts. We also encourage input from members on topics to discuss as well.

I found Tuesday Talks on Goodreads and thought it looked fun. This week’s topic is: Favorite Quotes from books.

I am not very good at remembering quotes. Thank goodness for Goodreads or I would have no idea what to do for this post! So, these are not going to be favorite quote but more, lines I really line or help the story somehow.

“Anything else?” she asked when we were done.
“Ice cream,” I said.
“We have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, tutti-frutti, butter pecan, and chocolate chip.”
“Yes,” I said. “That’s what I want.”
“Which one?”
“All of them.”

Maybe not an all time favorite quote but, definitely a favorite moment. Lizzie waited a long time for her ice cream! That’s all she wanted. I laughed so hard reading this and since I just read this book yesterday it is still stuck in me head so, I had to share.






There are a LOT of lines I loved from this book. I’m a sucker for a good love story and just… it was good. So good.

“Beauty is wherever you find it, and Beast is there when you need to defend it.”

As a Beauty and the Beast retelling this line was kind of cheesy but, I live for cheesy moments. This though… for context it is said when asked who was who or something of that accord. So, it was nice to see that both were, in the end, fulfilling both roles in their own ways.
A Rose is beauty but, it’s thorns are beast.

“And what good is a voice when so few will listen?”

Not romance but, I thought it was pretty powerful.

“Don’t kiss me like a woman if you’re going to treat me like a child.”

Honestly, so many great quotes from this series lots of romantic ones but, I wanted to start with this one because, I swear this is how so many relationships are done in books these days. This is a good, valid point! I love Cat & Bones’ relationship and I think it is pretty healthy (let’s ignore the killing part, yeah?).

“I’m saying that I’m a moody, insecure, narrow-minded, jealous, borderline homicidal bitch, and I want you to promise me that you’re okay with that, because it’s who I am, and you’re what I need.”

Such realness to the relationship and them! I’m in love with these books and this couple. My OTP? They are quite possibly at the top.

Think I’ll call it quits here. I know these aren’t amazing, world-changing lines but, I hope at least my few picks were able to give you some variety from other posts!


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