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Review: One Hot Summer

One Hot Summer by Kat French

Genres/Themes: Romance, Heart-break, Cheating Spouse, Cowboy, Quirky Neighbors, HEA

*I received this book through netgalley for a honest and fair review*

This was such a great book! I was honestly swept away by the sweetness and read the book without realizing how much time went past.


Alice loves her husband. She’s loved him before he became a famous actor. She loves their life together until, he’s caught cheating with his co-star.

Now, as a way to keep the home she loves, Alice takes on a renter to pay the mortgage while she lives in an Airstream in the garden. One problem taken care of as she worries about others… but is it taken care of? And why is this Cowboy (Robinson Duff) her renter when a family would fit the house much better? Wait… doesn’t his name sound familiar?

Alice must figure out how to make herself an income and get over her broken heart but, along the way she finds romance again with an unlikely man who will be more than happy to heal her heart, just as she will heal his.

I should probably confess, I love romance in books. I don’t need it but, it is like a breath of air in the book for me. I generally don’t read strictly romance books, though. This book is making me rethink that.

This book takes place in England but, the main guy love interest is a ‘cowboy’ from the US of A. At first I wasn’t sure how to take that. I might have groaned while thinking of how stereotypical the book was going to get. It didn’t. Well, okay there are a lot of things which were overdone but, they were used as a comedy factor! I didn’t realize I would laugh in this book but, I did! And I loved Robinson’s character.

Speaking of comedy, that brings me to the village. Now, this is the part I’m sure people will either love or hate. Personally, I love it. I love goofy, silly characters. Absolutely absurd, at times, which make them seem unrealistic! Yet, I love it.
*I did think the side romance came out of nowhere…and was weird but, I went with it without thinking too much because it was really like the characters*

I thought the romance flowed well and wasn’t super instantaneous. Really built up a bit.
The conflict was sad and made me connect to the characters more.

I thought parts were really realistic which I absolutely loved (i.e. when Alice goes to the bank) but there was still a lot of unrealistic events which made the book charming and cute.

This was such a sweet read and one I will definitely be re-reading in the future. Perhaps next summer on a hot day ^_^

Recommendation? Oh, yes. If you would like to read a fun, quirky, and adorable book this is one I would definitely tell someone to read.
Read it ‘N Smile!



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