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Book Haul #1

Hey there!!

I was super excited the other day to find a Barnes & Nobles gift card that still had money on it. Since I’m trying to not spend money on books (saving money for other things) it just made my day.
I promptly went to the bookstore and bought the last two Night Huntress books (which I haven’t read for some reason??) and now have the complete collection!!

Night Huntress

This is probably my favorite series ever so, I’m extremely happy. I meant to do a marathon this weekend but, it doesn’t seem to be happening. Maybe when I wheedle down my netgalley requests I’ll be able to get to it.

Also, since I graduated my parents gave me a few gifts. One of which was a B&N gift card… I laughed. Just used up one and now I have another. Seeing how much was on it, my Fiance promptly snatched it. Apparently, I have too many books to read before I can go off and buy more… he doesn’t get it. ^_^ mister rogers book
Another little thing was this:
The World According to Mister Rogers
Important Things to Remember


It is so cute and tiny! I’m happy to have it~



So, this is my recent Book Haul. Honestly, I’m so happy just to have been able to done one with hard copy books! Most of the books I read now are ebooks because that is how I either get them from netgalley or the library.

Maybe I’ll get to use my next card soon and expand my library!!


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