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Review- Undercover Empath: Kindred Demon

Undercover Empath: Kindred Demon (Undercover Empath series) by Rashelle Workman

Genres/Themes: New Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Crime — Police, FBI

*I received this book through netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review*

Let’s say 2.5/5 because it really started to pick up at the end. Unfortunately, I have more complaints about this book than I do compliments.

Nineteen-year-old detective Rose Hansen has a secret. She can read a person’s intentions by touching their hands. It’s a curse! A power she never uses if she can help it.

Only one person knows. Her partner Jack.

At least that’s what she believes until a handsome, shirtless stranger appears on her doorstep in small town Blush Valley, California. He leaves her an envelope, but not before articulating his disappointment in her for ignoring her powers. The contents send Rose on a path toward the supernatural, solving her parents’ murders, and possibly even saving the world.

Aside from that, Rose and her partner have two important cases they’re working. The first involves a missing child. The other is the death of a stripper. Ruled a murder, a very hot FBI agent from L.A. shows up and is given lead. To make matters worse, he asks her to go undercover.
Her life is a disaster. Rose can’t strip. She doesn’t even own a dress.

Mostly my problems stem from small little holes here and there. Plot holes? Nah but definitely things I would consider not thought of–

⭐According to the summary Rose is 19 but in the book it says she is 20… unless I completely read that wrong. Dates and ages aren’t said in the beginning in the descriptive parts but way later in the book. I actually couldn’t pin down exactly when Rose’s parents died.

⭐Second, if a person knows they can’t touch another person but, only hand to hand contact without getting their intensions… why not wear gloves all the time? Then you wouldn’t seem as weird to your co-workers and friends. The one time this is brought up is at a crime scene where she is wearing latex gloves to touch a corpse and someone comments… she then suspects the gloves. After two decades of life? Finally? But this isn’t seen as something maybe you should look into???

⭐I thought it was weird how there was no tension between Jack and Rose… they supposedly dated yet , their relationship seems so weird to me. She misses him, she loves what they have then he feels like another father. He loves the women he is with, sees Rose and regrets letting her go.
??? I would like some more consistency.

⭐Rose’s workplace was so bad I don’t know how she was able to work in those conditions. And the fact Vincent could just say You are going undercover to be a stripper, and she couldn’t say no??? She is a detective not someone we know can go under. Maybe all my watching of Law & Order is tainting my police room relationships but, this just did not seem right.

⭐Another small quirk was the town being described twice… the beginning description could have been cut because soon after Rose looks over the town and describes it again.

I found the story hard to read, to be honest. The writing style was not my favorite. Plus, seeing ‘skillz’ and other words written in that style made me cringe. There is a time and a place for that style, and even then I find it better used when a person is actually talking.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t like anything in this book. The mystery was interesting and the magic scene looks promising — hopefully the next books tell us more.
The added Japanese was great ^_^ I suppose if you don’t know Japanese then you don’t know Jack is sleeping with a vampire. I felt very in the know.

So, perhaps there is hope for the book but, at this point I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.



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