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Review: Touch of Power

Touch of Power (Healer #1) by Maria V. Snyder

Genres/Themes: Fantasy, Sci-fi (?), Magic, Adventure, Young Adult

★★★★✯4.5/5 stars

Wow… WOW!

I SO loved this book! I went in with not such high hopes and was instantly swept up in the story from the first page.


Avry of Kazan is a Healer. When she touches a person she can take their wounds, healing them but, inflicting them upon herself. She heals fast with sleep so, this is not usually a huge problem. Unfortunately, because of a recent plague and the events that happened, Healers are hunted and killed. Avry is on the run, hiding her true identity from everyone.

She can’t help but heal children and this time, she gets caught before she can leave town. Death awaits her but, suddenly she is taken from jail and given freedom, as long as she will follow this gang and heal someone for them. This person has the plague; one of ailments a Healer can’t heal without dying themselves.
Either option means death for her yet, no one seems to care. Is her life worth this persons life? Or will she try to escape her fate and continue her life on the run?

The characters were fantastic. I loved Kerrick and OF COURSE Belen who is just so sweet. The ‘monkeys’ were funny and Flea was fun, <spoiler> ugh I had tears  Avry was so strong — the kind of character I enjoy reading about– while the bad guys were bad in all the right ways. I hate to say it but damn I like King Tohon. Such a great character. I’m hoping later in the books I’ll have more love for Ryne.

**** I didn’t know this was a series when I started!! UGH this is what I get for blindly checking out books from the library****

The conflict was there. Some things didn’t make sense to me fully but, I get the gist of it. The story was pretty straight forward, a journey, so nothing much to expect. There are twists and turns which make it interesting.

The magic system is really interesting but, not memorable. I wish there was more given there. Let me bathe in information!

One thing that really did confuse me was what time are we in?? It is set in mostly a medieval older time era? One I thought was supposed to be reminiscent of the Black Plague that swept through Europe but, then we have words like ‘syringe’ and ‘virus’ and other weirdly timed things. Which almost makes me think Steampunk but there just was not enough of it.
I’m still confused and wished there was more but, this is one of those things that I just kind of took in stride. A weirdly advanced society but, only in a medical way. So weird…..
Overall I loved this book. I chuckled, smiled, frowned, and nearly cried.
I already have the next book borrowed from the library. I’m so ready to devour it but, I have a few other books to get to first.


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