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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I Defend

The topic this week is Characters I defend which are characters I love but, most people do not so, there is always a need to defend them.

I don’t talk to people often about books… part of the reason why I made this blog and ave become more active on Goodreads. So, I’m not sure who actually needs to be defended. Instead of 5 I have 3 characters I think don’t get the credit they deserve or I think aren’t loved as much as they should be.

Ron Weasley- This is a character I never thought I would have to defend until I started going on tumblr. OMG the amount of people who don’t like Ron… Granted, he isn’t my favorite character but Come. On! He is super important and does have a purpose.

Alice Cullen
– I know Twilight… I’m not a huge fan, heck I’m not a fan anymore but, when I was a fan I loved Alice. She and Jasper were my favorites yet we never got to see them… like ever. And she got stupid roles… I needed more Alice and I think she is a great character.

Peeta Mellark– Another character I didn’t realize people disliked until I went on tumblr… I thought he and Katniss were perfect. They understood each other and went through the same horrors. I never thought he was weak just unfortunately or destroyed. I felt so bad for him.

Those are all the ones I can think of :/ Maybe I need to read some more YA books so I can defend more characters… That’s a thought…

Do you think most characters that need defending are in YA books? Is there more Adult fiction that have characters needing defending? Why do you think that is? Are YA books more popular therefore the characters are more noticeable? Or is it because they are in movies?

Who are your defended characters? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I Defend

  1. I put Peeta on my list as well. He’s so underrated because he doesn’t necessarily have some cool physical skill like Katniss but Peeta is so great at using his words to effect situations. Great list!


    1. I really thought he was a great character. So, I was so surprised seeing people not like him. So confused… until I saw it was mostly because of shipping wars *rolls eyes* Characters have meaning besides romance people!!

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