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Review: The Sway

The Sway (Classifed #1) by Ruby Knight

Genres/Themes: New Adult, Young Adult, Fantasy, Military

★★☆☆☆ 2 stars…

*I received this book from netgalley in exchange for a honest and fair review*

Okay, so WOW. I was really excited to read this book. The summary made it sound really interesting and it has that X-Men vibe… But this book was so fast paced I swear I have whiplash. Which is weird to think when the book takes place within… 2 weeks? If we disregard the first chapter yeah less than 2 weeks… Summary from Goodreads–
Her mission is to get close to him for inside information.

His mission is to kidnap her for a supernatural militant group.

Recruited in her teens for a life of espionage, Julia Caldwell, now 19, is the youngest CIA agent on record. Her mission is simple: get close to Cole Thomas for intel on his father, a known and dangerous weapons dealer. As she grows closer to Cole, something is off. He might not be who she thinks he is. And worse, his mission will put an end to hers.

Always believing the government’s story that her purpose in life was to keep the world safe, Julia doesn’t know who to trust or who to believe. But now, Sway has a different story—a different purpose for her—that goes well beyond all she ever imagined.

This book has so much potential if only the author had slowed down to explain things and not be afraid of slower moments — they are needed. Not every explanation needs to be rushed or interrupted by a romantic moment or an assassination attempt.

I also thought for someone so high up in the government she would be more… military-like?? Also, if someone tries to kill someone you know… wouldn’t you search them? Try to find clues? If someone stays behind and might have died then wouldn’t you check on them before leaving?

As for the romance… dear God. Firstly, I don’t understand why they like each other besides lust. If someone could mess with my emotions I would probably be more worried than she was…
Also, Julie is 19. Cole is 17. So… sexual moments make me really cringe. I guess as a YA novel I understand? But, I keep thinking ‘Wow this is illegal…’ I don’t see why he couldn’t have been 18. So, fast paced romance, especially when we remember her partner Mikey who she was having feelings for in the beginning of the book. I prefer that relationship because there was sooooo much behind it. So many memories and feelings.
But, nah we get Cole and Julie who are in teenage love and somehow are a match ummm where did that come from and how do we understand when people are a “match.”

Julie is kind of an immature 19 year old even if she is trying to understand having emotions again. Yet, when she was under Eisenhower she still showed emotions… so, I’m confused there a bit.

There was so much here! I thought this book could have been a lot longer– in pages and time-line– but, I really feel let down. There are SO many more examples I can give on how the time moved too quickly or how injuries weren’t really right or even the romance, I just… yeah.

I’ll leave it here. When I started reading I was excited and by the end I was pretty much done with the book. It is very teen-oriented and a tad immature. So, I guess I would recommend this to younger teenagers ugh but the sexual scenes make me hesitate so I would say older teen?
I guess 17+ would be the age group I recommend this too.

side note: Love the book cover ❤



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