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Review: Andromeda’s Fall

Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1) by Abigail Owen

Genre/Themes: Shapeshifters, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural


*I received this book from netgalley in exchange for a honest and fair review.*

This is a pretty good book and I enjoyed my time reading it.

Brief Summary:
Andromeda is running for her life and she is all out of options, save one. She runs from her former dare in hopes that the Alpha of the Keller dare will take her in. That isn’t all she needs though. In order to fight the extradition her former Alpha would call for, she needs to mate with the Alpha of the Keller dare, Jaxon Keller.

Jaxon Keller has no idea what to do with the woman who successfully broke into his compound. She’s beautiful, skilled in strategy and combat, and asking for asylum from her former Alpha– something that may cause war because of the tension between the two dares. He’ll challenge everything about her to see if her story sticks and if she is worth saving and worth giving his heart to.

I will say I was grabbed right from the first page.
There is action and excitement, love and risks. One of the coolest aspects of this book I thought was all the different shifters, their different names, and personalities. By personalities I mean how the shifters act. Wolves were more pack orientated and Cougars kept with being solitary animals.

There is kinda inst-love which is meh to me. It wasn’t pushed too much so, I didn’t mind as much but, the whole Fated mates seemed so contradictory to what it seemed cougars were like. I still don’t understand how people know they are Fated unless a Seer tells them. And being Fated doesn’t seem to do anything for the pair, except give them a right to challenge people? But, again… a seer has to tell them. So, it is confusing.

I did enjoy the characters. The sequel seems to be about Zac, who I was forming a bias for, so I might have to read the next book. I did want to learn more about Jaxon’s Commanders and Protectors more but, I’m assuming that would come in later books when they find their mates, who will probably be fated. Andie, was super badass and amazing at fighting. Very loyal and strong, her is a great female lead. I didn’t always understand her running away or what she was thinking but, that’s just who her character is.

Would I recommend this? Yeah, probably. If the person was already a fan of this type of novel– the shifters who find their soulmates and fight. There does seem to be something lacking to me (which is why 3 instead of 4) but, I can’t place my finger on it.

Perhaps it is my want for more information to bring me further into the world. What is special about Fated Mates? Who are these other men you’ll want us to like? What are Commander and Protectors roles exactly? Humans weren’t mentioned at all except for truckers really so, do they know about all this shifter fighting? Or are they kept in the dark somehow??

Then again, maybe I’m being overly picky because of all the good books I’ve been reading lately. What do you think? I’m I being harsh?
What do you look forward to in Shifter stories?? Are there  elements that need to be there an others that we can live without?



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