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National Readathon Day!

That’s right today is National Readathon day hosted by Penguin Random House and the American Library Association (ALA). This is the second annual Readathon and it benefits the ALA. People can also make donations, have reading parties and using #Readathon2016 on social media.

6667555_origUnfortunately, I only just learned about this!! I really need to stay up on my twitter and such. Otherwise I would have tried to host a part IRL or online! A reading party sounds super cool!  I’ve already lost a few hours of reading time by doing not reading things… hopefully no one visits me or makes me too destracted.d13f8b042a05172ffb053c1fa54f6de29ba57214cdcbf32f008a82aaeaf82196

But, I’m still going to try joining in on the Readathon, especially since no more homework (woohoo!). I wonder how much I can actually read!

I’ll post later on what books I read and how many…. probably will be like 2 haha I’m still excited though.


Feel free to check  The Readathon website for more information and other Readathon images!

So! Are you going to have a readathon today? What books will you read? Did you know about this event already?

Share in the comments or even post a link to your own post!


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