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Review: The Lost Gate

10264769The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card
Narrators: Stefan Rudnicki, Emily Janice Card
Genres/Themes: Fantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Mythology

★★★★★ 5 stars!
–I read this book as an audiobook–

This book FLEW by me. Usually audiobooks seem to drag but, this one was just right.

Danny North grew up in a family of mages but, believed himself to have no magic. Because of this he is picked on and given the impression that he is worthless. That changes when he realizes that he has Gate magic — mages with this magic are killed– so Danny is worse off than before. So, in the story he takes off and tries to learn this magic when there have been no other Gate Mages for centuries (At least ones that have lived). His goal– make a Great Gate that will connect Earth to Westille (?Guessing because I listened to it) but, does he really want to do that? And who can a 13 year old on the run trust when the long descendants of ‘gods’ are searching to kill him?
And then there is The Man In the Tree… who is he? Why is he there? and If he is to remember who is he, what will happen?

Absolutely LOVED this book. I’ve never read Orson Scott Card before, an amazing feat for an someone who went through the American school system, but I had heard great things. I thought he only wrote Sci-Fi though so, this was a bit of a surprise. A damn good surprise!
The characters all have their own little spark and the magic system is done beautifully.
I love it.
I chuckled, I smiled, cheered people on, rolled my eyes at Danny’s stupidity, cried, I yelled and cursed at villains, and listened I had rented the second book from the library already.



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