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Review: Faith Vol 1: Hollywood and Vine

cover84698-mediumFaith Vol. 1: Hollywood and Vine
Author: Jody Houser
Artists/Other Contributors: , Francis Portela (Artist), Marguerite Sauvage (Artist), Jelena Kevic-Dhurdjevic (Cover Artist),Andrew Dalhouse (Colourist), Dave Sharpe (Letterer), Joe Quinones (Artist)

★★★★☆ 4/5 stars
*I received this from netgalley for a honest and fair review*
**I was given a partial volume that included 1-3 issues out of 4**

This comic is about Faith /Zephyr who is a superhero! She can fly and has some other psychic abilities (known as psionical gifts here). She has broken up with her prior group and now flies solo while also holding onto a day-time job as well. Life can get tiring for our hero especially when new “psiots” are being captured. Faith is on the case!
I enjoyed reading this comic. I don’t read many comics (I tend to stick to manga) but, I saw the cover and decided I wanted to try it out! I’m super glad I did. Faith is not your average superhero comic with a leading female hero who is into comics and sci-fi shows/movies. She really seems like a ‘normal’ person and someone people can relate to. She isn’t fit and the rest of the cast is pretty diverse which is great to see. I think the wide array of representation is a good thing but, I’m hoping for some of these non-white characters to become even more essential later in the story — especially since the story takes place in L.A..

I did want more information on what Faith could do, although in the beginning we are told even she is exploring her powers more. I think this lack of information is because this is a spin-off sequel to Harbringer.
I probably should have done my homework before picking out comics.

Even though I felt a little behind on Faith’s story and abilities, it didn’t keep me from enjoying my read. The artwork is beautiful and the characters look diverse with interesting facial expressions. The background work is gorgeous and I absolutely loved the nighttime scenes.

I really do want to read more and hope to have the chance in the future.



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