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Review: Opal Fire

51bmoljsjgl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Opal Fire (Stacey Justice Mystery, #1) by Barbra Annino

3.5 stars because I’m so torn!

I really enjoyed this book. The set up was a cozy little town with quirky characters, including her family most of which are witches and have the reputation of being off their rockers.

Stacey is dead set on figuring out who set fire to her cousin’s bar and during her investigation relationships are put to the test, Stacey almost dies…multiple times, and people die. Quite a few… considering this is supposed to be a small town I’m worried about their population… also, almost no one was shown grieving… which was weird.

The story is never dull and I found it captivating. Although, there are some loose ends and things that didn’t make sense. Some information was given to make the readers consider other leads but, with no more information they were obvious dead ends. *spoiler* (to see highlight)I’m also not sure exactly why the bar was burned in the first place… but, I might have missed that part.*end of spoiler*

I am interested in reading the next in the series and will probably get to it eventually.




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