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Book Review: All American Boys

All American BoysA ‘misunderstanding’ in a convenience store with a police officer sends Rashad to the hospital, but when the misunderstanding stems from racism and someone almost dies for doing nothing wrong is it really just an accident? 

Title: All American Boys
Author: Jason Reynolds, Brendan Kiely

Genre: Contemporary, YA


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Book Review: Angels Burning

Angels Burning

A murdered girl in a small town, a missing brother, and
Dove’s past is back to haunt her. 

Title: Angels Burning
Author: Tawni O’Dell

Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Psychological Suspense
Trigger Warning: child abuse, pedophilia, suicide


Why I chose this book:
I wanted to expand my thriller and suspense repertoire and I also wanted to read a book with an older protagonist since most books I read have a main character within the range of 16-30ish years old. Continue reading “Book Review: Angels Burning”